Best Ergonomic Office Chair With Headrest

Your body can suffer from working all day, whether it’s in the office or at home.

According to a study by the American Institute of Stress, 30 percent of workers experience back pain, 20 percent feel fatigued, and 13 percent experience headaches.

The best ergonomic office chairs with the right support can make all the difference, as well. You should take regular breaks to stretch your legs and stand up.

Ergonomic office chairs with headrests help you stay comfortable, maintain the correct posture, and to reduce the negative effects of a long time sitting.

Different Types of Headrests In An Ergonomic Chair

In any condition, it is always best to get the office chairs with a headrest. The following are the 3 types of headrests you can choose from when choosing an office chair:

Built-in, Adjustable, and Fully adjustable.

A built-in headrest must precisely fit your neck height and shape, as well as the angle. The headrest position cannot be changed, so you need to get it right.

An adjustable headrest is a better choice. The headrest can be raised or lowered according to your preferences. There will be no need to measure exact heights anymore. It’s still important to ensure the curve and angle fit your head for optimal support and comfort.

Lastly, the headrest can be fully adjusted. The angle and height can both be changed. The headrest can be adjusted to suit any position while working, relaxing, or even taking a short nap.

According to research, an office chair’s price is correlated with the number of programmable features it possesses.

What are the health benefits of taking headrest support?

When you sit without neck support for a long time, you may develop stiffness in your neck and shoulder. Cervical spondylosis is one such complex condition that can result.

The headrest of the best ergonomic office chair supports your head and neck even when you want to extend them.

People who answer a lot of phone calls at work will consider this feature.

The backrest of executive ergonomic chairs supports the natural curve of your spine in a natural way. Unlike conventional chairs, an ergonomic chair with flip-up arms is high enough to support the entire back.

Some ergonomic chairs have a reclining mechanism that allows you to take a nap at an angle greater than 90 degrees.

Besides the discussed features or importance of the best office chair with headrest, we have compiled a list of recommended top rated ergonomic office chairs with headrests for our users, which are as follows:

Top Pick

Autonomous Ergonomic

Best Ergonomic Office Chair With Headrest by

Budget Pick

Ticova Ergonomic

Best Ergonomic Office Chair With Headrest by

Value to Money

Becozier Ergonomic

Best Ergonomic Office Chair For Short Person by

1. Autonomous Premium Ergonomic Office Chair

Comfortable 84%
Durability 81%
Value to Money 70%
Adjustments 88%

The Best Adjustable Office Chair comes with Executive Swivel, 2-Way Lumbar Support, Thick Seat Cushion, and 3-way Armrests with an adjustable seat slide or slope.

It has a high ventilated mesh back and adjustable headrests for superior support and comfort. This ergonomic design makes it easier and more comfortable to work.

The 7-way adjustable angle is suitable for any sitting position. A molded foam seat that slides forward and backward raises and lowers.

The new Italian best office chair has tilt tension that is able to balance the weight of the user precisely; Seat position can be locked or unlocked for maximum support; A large five-wheel base for mobility and stability during multipurpose use.

The 3D armrests move left to right, up and down, forward and backward, so you can find the perfect resting position; the adjustable lumbar back allows you to find the perfect position; the highly ventilated, responsive Korean mesh back; the wide, curved headrest tilts up to 45 degrees back; 360° of full-body support in any position; and the 360° of movement means you can feel comfortable at any time.

The handrest pads are made of soft PU and molded foam with nylon plastic.


In its nature, the Autonomous ErgoChair is a flexible seat. Many parts of this best office chair must move to fit your body in order to achieve proper ergonomics.

In order to accomplish this, the ErgoChair features a tilt, depth, and height-adjustable seat. The backrest can be reclined or tilted and features angle adjustments. Among these best ergonomic chairs, armrests and other features are height adjustment, front-back adjustment, side-to-side adjustment, and angle adjustment (collectively known as 4D).

As a final feature, both the lumbar support and the headrest can be adjusted vertically and can support somewhat adjustable angles. It is quite straightforward to assemble the Autonomous ErgoChair, especially when considering how many adjustment points are supported.

  • This best office chair is dimensioned at 29 “D x 29 “W x 46 “H
  • Height, armrests, headrest, backrest, and tilt are all adjustable
  • 5 lockable positions for smooth reclining
  • Padded lumbar support can be adjusted to fit any seated position
  • Strong enough to support up to 300 pounds
  • Air is circulated more effectively with a woven mesh back
  • Materials made from 100% recycled materials
  • Smooth-rolling casters
  • Guaranteed for 1 year
  • It’s very easy and fast to assemble
  • Awarded the ANSI/BIFMA certification




The Autonomous budget Office Chair is the perfect chair for any office. It has all of the features you’ve been looking for without sacrificing style or comfort.

Whether your career requires hours on end sitting in one spot, meeting with clients, conducting presentations, or just working at a desk while reading over files and reports, this executive swivel offers everything you need to get through an entire day feeling great!

So stop wasting time shopping around; if these ergonomics are your requirement, then make your purchase now.

2. Ticova Ergonomic Office Chair

Comfortable 84%
Durability 81%
Value to Money 70%
Adjustments 88%

To provide you with a truly ergonomic chair, Ticova’s professional designers have done dozens of tests to improve every part of this chair. By specializing, we can concentrate more effort on our office chairs’ design improvement and quality control than others. 

A lumbar support height and depth adjustment, headrest height and angle, forward and backward armrest position, seat cushion height, the tilt angle of 130°, and rocking position are all adjustable to your personal comfort level.

Using this executive office chair adjustable backrest, you can get perfect support for your spine and significantly decrease fatigue and back pain.

Additionally, our seats are made of 3 inches of high-density foam with a W-shaped and waterfall edge design to provide a larger support area and disperse pressure evenly over hips and legs.

In comparison with other ergonomic desk chairs’ plastic 1D armrests, we offer larger, thicker, and softer PU cushioned stainless electroplating metal 3D armrests with the most comfortable fit and best durability.

Our high back extremely durable chair big curved foam headrest offers more neck and head support than other high back office chairs’ small mesh headrests.

The strong tensile strength of our mesh fabric also allows us to sit for long periods of time without feeling sweaty, thanks to its breathable properties.


Ticova has a high standard best budget office chair with a quality control system controlling the entire supply chain, from materials to production and packaging, to provide the customer with a pleasant office chair.

We make continuous improvements to our office chairs. The armrests screw into the seat, but there is a little wiggle room (the holes where the screws will go have a little more than an inch of space for the screws to go in).

Then they could be shifted inwards and outwards with just an inch’s worth of space, but it wouldn’t be easy if you changed them constantly. You still have the option to set it and forget it, so they have some wiggle room to move in and out of it.

  • Ticova best office chair is dimensioned as 27 “D x 9.8 “W x 20.9 “H
  • Head and neck support are more comfortable with the curved foam headrest
  • Height-adjustable back and lumbar support
  • Your spine will be perfectly aligned, and fatigue will be reduced significantly
  • Mesh that is breathable and has a strong tensile strength
  • A tilting angle of up to 130 degrees
  • PU paddings that are thicker and softer
  • Adapt your rocking resilience to your own personal comfort zone
  • A waterfall edge design in the shape of a W
  • An ergonomic computer chair that is easy to assemble




Ticova best office chairs are with a stylish design to provide your employees’ comfort and back support throughout their workday. If you have an office chair, this might be just what you need!

This high-back desk sturdy chair features lumbar support, headrest, armrests with adjustments that can accommodate most people’s needs. The seat rocks 130 degrees so it will reach any position desired by the user – whether they want to recline or sit up straight in front of the computer screen.

This way, everyone feels comfortable while working at their own pace! These traditional office chairs also include meshing fabric on all sides for breathability and durability and nylon base covering, and metal legs. It would be a deal point for you.

3. Becozier Ergonomic Home Office Chair

Comfortable 84%
Durability 81%
Value to Money 70%
Adjustments 88%

An ergonomically designed Becozier’s best ergonomic chair fits your back and waist perfectly. The comfortable lumbar support allows you to increase or decrease the amount of pressure on your back.

A smoothly adjustable tilt mechanism allows for the backrest to be adjusted between 90 degrees and 150 degrees. 90 degrees for working, and 150 degrees with an adjustable footrest for a rest. It has high-quality materials to ensure maximum comfort and style.

These standard office chairs are made from high-quality foam that gives it a unique and elegant style, making them essential for keeping in an office or studying.

Besides being a soft and comfortable ergonomic chair, the thicker pad also makes the office chair incredibly durable. It’s not just comfortable but also stress-free for you big guys.

It offers maximum lumbar adjustments and comes with a reclining headrest and footrest. The high back design makes it a comfortable and convenient office chair.

This chair features high-density foam padding and a waterfall seat edge, so you can sit comfortably for hours even if you need to sit for a long time. 

These best office chairs with a heavy-duty base and rolling casters make them easy to move, but they also keep them stable when they’re used for work. This budget office chair can handle weights as much as 250 pounds for best results.


A retractable footpad and ergonomic backrest included with this chair let you relax after heavy work, relieve pressure on your legs, and ensure a comfortable position. The user’s height can adjust the footrest’s retractable length, so it’s suitable for teens and adults as well.

It is made of Linen& high-density foam which soft and comfortable. And ultra-smooth 360° silent universal wheels protect the floor.

Maximum weight capacity 250 lbs. the padded seat cushion is made of high-quality foam liner and cloth outer, and it is thicker, soft, and comfortable. It has a tilt function; you can lean back and adjust it according to your needs; it can be tilted 90°-150°


  • 27.1 “D x 26 “W x 44.8 “H are the dimensions that are considered the best overall office chair
  • Materials of the highest quality for maximum comfort, style, and neck rest
  • The backrest can be tilted using an adjustable tilt mechanism
  • A stress-free and comfortable experience for big guys
  • Thick, breathable cushion measuring 4.3 inches thick
  • An executive chair with built-in lumbar support removable headrests and footrests
  • Designed with high backs for maximum lumbar support
  • Angles can be adjusted from 90 degrees to 150 degrees 90 degrees for working and 150 degrees for footrest
  • Featuring a heavy-duty base and rolling caster
  • This office furniture product comes with a three-year warranty




The end of your workday is approaching. You’re ready to head home, but first, you have one more thing to do-pack up and clean the office space. Whether it’s for a meeting or just closing out the day, this process can be tedious if not done properly.

That’s why we recommend investing in an ergonomically designed chair like the Becozier Home Office Chair with Footrest and High Back. This executive desk chair has many features that will make cleaning up easier on both you and your back!

This freedom chair offers flip-up armrests, so you don’t need to bend over as far as packing things away, which helps keep pressure off your lower back while also increasing visibility through the 360° swivel rotation function.

4. Grsolul Ergonomic Office Chair

Comfortable 84%
Durability 81%
Value to Money 70%
Adjustments 88%

The Grsolul Ergonomic Office Chair headrest features a large curved mesh headrest for better neck and head support.

In this ergonomic chair, the mesh backrest provides support as well as allows air, heat, and water vapor to pass through the backrest to keep the skin at a comfortable temperature.

The seat tilt and chair’s backrest are generous in size, and even tall users will find them comfortable; the lumbar support is easily adjusted to fit your spine and reduce back fatigue, and the large contoured back and headrest naturally fit most people’s back shapes.

The waterfall edge of the seat cushion minimizes thigh pressure.

This best executive office chair features excellent adjustable features, including a swiveling and tilt mechanism, adjustable headrests, adjustable lumbar support, 3D armrest adjustability, and an adjustable seat height. Easily glide over all types of surfaces with these premium castor wheels.

Gas lift cylinder with SGS certificate, 5-Point Base with dual castors, 90 degrees to 120-degree tilt lock, 3.3 inches molded foam seat cushion, 300 lbs maximum load.

The ergonomic office chair we offer comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, a one-year warranty, and professional after-sales service.


This chair boasts a design that supports your entire spine from the lumbar region all the way up to your neck. Adjust the lumbar support to fit your body; it helps you maintain your best posture.

With all the ergonomic support that you will experience with this task chair, you’ll be able to increase your work efficiency on these budget chairs. The high-quality mesh resists transformation, easily clean.

There are a few chairs in which cool air circulates through the mesh to your body, keeping your butt sweat-free and allowing you to sit more comfortably compared to traditional chairs. Upgraded PU Mute Wheels – rolls silently, smoothly on all kinds of carpets or floors, with no damage to your wooden floor.

  • This best office chair is dimensioned as 50.4″ – 58.2″ * 27″ * 23.5 (H * W * D)
  • A chair that can suit your needs while working
  • The executive chair has an ergonomic structure that allows for more adjustments and comfort.
  • Lumbar support that can be adjusted or moved up and down
  • A mesh headrest that can be adjusted for height and angle
  • Cushioned armrests are adjustable from front to back, left to right, as well as up and down
  • The chair reclines from 90 to 120 degrees
  • The seat is height-adjustable, so you can raise or lower it as needed
  • Muted wheels made of polyurethane – roll smoothly
  • Featuring an all-mesh design that feels cool and breathable
  • A heavy-duty base offers excellent stability and mobility
  • The maximum weight capacity of an office chair is 400 pounds




The Grsolul Ergonomic Executive Office Chair is a high-quality chair that provides comfort and support for your back, hips, adjustable arms, neck, head, and adjustable seat depth. This office chair will fit in any home or work environment with its sleek design and modern look.

If you’re willing to minimize the risk of pain while working long hours on a computer or at a desk all day, this drafting chair may be the perfect solution for you! You may try this ergonomic chair as if this one doesn’t suit your needs–then you may go with other styles are available from Grsolul!

5. ZUERST Ergonomic Office Chair

Comfortable 84%
Durability 81%
Value to Money 70%
Adjustments 88%

Zuerst is an e-commerce supplier that specializes in home and office furniture, such as office chairs.

Its ergonomic chair design and products have been around for years. In order to provide more comfortable office chairs to our customers, we can invest more effort into the design and quality control of our furniture than our competitors.

The ergonomic office chair by ZUERST offers 3D Armrests (forwards/back/side to side), Flip-Up Headrest, 2D Lumbar Support that automatically adjusts to fit all kinds of backs, and a Gas Lift for easy height adjustment (4.7 inches) in customized comfort in the office, at home or at the game! 

This best budget office chair is comfortable for long periods of time, this eco-friendly, high-resiliency seat cushion is 20*20*3.5 inches in size and relieves pressure on your thighs, hips, and waist while sitting.

It takes about 30 minutes to assemble. This product provides excellent stability and strength with a maximum load-bearing of 330 pounds. A durable, silent caster that won’t scratch the floor will enhance your seating experience.


It is a high-density, high-resilience office chair. Solid mold foam seat cushion. Dual heat dissipation. No glue, safe and without a peculiar smell.

Designed with high-quality materials, it can bear more than 330lbs.

Precise control of the height adjustment and angle locking. Can lock in each degree you want to lean (103~135 degrees).

Made of stainless steel, durable & safe. 12 cm lifting range, easily adjust the height for customized comfort in the office. It was constructed to provide impeccable stability and strength, maximum load-bearing 330lb.

This ergonomic chair like other chairs is easy to assemble (about 30 minutes). Start with Heavy Duty Leg with PU Casters. Then insert the Gas Lift and install the Footrest and Chair Chassis on the seat. Lastly, for the Backrest, Armrest, Headrest.


  • 27.56 “D x 27.56 “W x 48.03 “H are the dimensions of this chair
  • It is made of stainless steel, which is durable and safe
  • The S-shaped ergonomic mesh backrest
  • Lifting range of 12 cm, height can be adjusted easily
  • The PU material padded armrests
  • The office can be customized for your comfort
  • Adjustment of height and locking of angles can be made with precision
  • This best office chair can be locked in each degree of leaning (103*135 degrees)
  • Quality materials are used to create the design
  • More than 330 pounds can be supported by it
  • Sturdy and silent casters without scratching your floors
  • Your seating experience can be enhanced




The ZUERST seat depth Office Chair is one of the most comfortable and ergonomically-sound office chairs on the market. With lumbar support, flip-up headrest, 3D armrests, and high resilience cushion for sciatica, it provides an ideal sitting experience that will benefit your back and neck health tremendously.

This chair has been designed with contouring mesh to provide comfort while you work at home or in the office. This is an option for those who suffer from chronic pain such as sciatica, thanks to its ability to reduce pressure points caused by improper posture when sitting for long periods of time

6. Molblly Ergonomic Office Chair

Comfortable 84%
Durability 81%
Value to Money 70%
Adjustments 88%

Molblly Office Chair is designed to provide you with proper back and body support when sitting, and you can easily adjust the seat height and headrest, so you are comfortable. Sit and reduce your back pressure and pain when sitting all day.

The mesh backrest allows the air to circulate, and the body heat and the water vapor can make you feel more comfortable away from the heat and moisture accumulated close to the body, which could cause you not to sweat on your back.

It provides all-day comfort and support with its high-density mesh. It provides great comfort whether you are studying or working from home or at the office since the mesh structure prevents wear and deformation.

There is a protective cover on the lifting lever head that should be removed before installation. A 250-pound weight capacity is provided. Its handle can be adjusted to suit people of various sizes.

The Molblly provides you with a satisfactory solution as soon as possible and offers a 1-year worry-free warranty.


If you are working from home or at the office, our office chair will make life easier for you. This ergonomic chair for the home office is designed to support your back and fully adjust to your needs.

With features like easy office chair height adjustment, support to the headrest, armrests, and lumbar, this chair will make work more comfortable. It’s time to upgrade your office chair! Molblly offers a wide selection of comfortable office chairs with multiple functions.

Our ergonomic design and adjustable features make it perfect for anyone’s busy day! With a reclining back, adjustable armrest, and a comfy seat cushion, you’ll be able to work longer and better than ever before. It is also available in several colors to suit your workplace.


  • The dimension of this chair is 25.6 “D x 25.6 “W x 46.4 “H
  • Lifting lever head covered with a protective cover
  • Designed to provide you with proper spinal and body support
  • The height and headrest of the seat are easily adjustable
  • Reduce back pain and pressure by sitting comfortably
  • It is possible to maintain air circulation with mesh backrests
  • It prevents wear and deformation because of its mesh structure
  • You might work at home or study in the office in this chair
  • It has a weight capacity of 250 lbs
  • It provides a 1-year full warranty
  • The easy assembly in just 10 to 15 minutes




The Molblly right ergonomic Office Chair Mesh Home Office Computer Chair is designed to provide an ideal seating solution for your home office.

This chair provides the ultimate comfort and support you need while working at a desk all day long with its attractive design. The chairs are perfect whether you want to use them as part of a standing desk or take some pressure off of your back!

They come in many different colors so that they will look great with any decor too.

7. Office Chair, KERDOM Ergonomic Chair

Comfortable 84%
Durability 81%
Value to Money 70%
Adjustments 88%

The KERDOM office chair adopts a design that is ergonomic, offering a headrest that can be adjusted to support your cervical spine, a high and elastic backrest, and a cushion that provides your spine with adequate support and enjoyment.

Removable handrails can also be adjusted to meet the needs of people of all ages and heights. You can rest more comfortably when using the reclining lock feature.

The wheels are deliberately replaced with more advanced transparent wheels made of industrial-grade steel, precision ball bearings, and polyurethane.

Despite their smooth surface, they cannot scratch or damage any surface, and they are extremely quiet. It is also very convenient to clean wheels, and it is not easy to cause problems with wheel jamming or inflexibility.

The seat cushion measures over 25 inches, which will provide you with a comfortable space for your hips and legs. It can be raised as high as 49.2 inches with its lifting mechanism. It can accommodate people of different heights and different tables. A maximum of 275 pounds can be supported by this chair, which is enough to support most people.


Your best companion for work or life will be the KERDOM Ergonomic Desk Chair. Is back pain still bothering you? Upgrade your seat with this professionally crafted office chair. The chair can reduce your risk of back pain caused by long periods of sitting and let you work in comfort.

This office chair includes an ergonomic S-shaped structured backrest and adjustable support. With this unique design, back fatigue and pain can be treated effectively. Furthermore, we use a high-density foam cushion 2 cm thicker than the average seat, and it provides comfort and breathability, so you won’t get sweaty even after sitting for a long time.

You can also relax your muscles and have a rest at the same time with the adjustable armrest. Regarding the office chair material, we use a safe and reliable nylon material base with PU material casters for stability.


  • The chair is dimensioned at 21 “D x 11 “W x 20 “H
  • There are four points of support on the chair (head/back/buttocks/hands).
  • Supporting the lumbar spine properly.
  • The height, headrest, and backrest of the seat can be easily adjusted
  • There is no noise from the blade wheels
  • Turn in 360° directions
  • Both the back and the cushion are breathable
  • Consistently well-formed, elastic, and steady
  • The armrests can be adjusted 3D freely
  • It can be adjusted to fit your arms in any direction
  • The installation can be done quickly and easily by yourself




The KERDOM Ergonomic task Chair is a breathable mesh task chair that features an ergonomically designed high back and headrest. It also has 3D adjustable armrests, which can be adjusted to your desired position with the touch of a button.

This computer chair’s rollerblade wheels make it easier for you to move around without needing any help from others, even if you’re rolling over carpeting or another soft surface!

8. ERGOUP Ergonomic Office Chair

Comfortable 82%
Durability 81%
Value to Money 88%
Adjustments 80%

The Ergoup office chair has adjustable armrests, an adjustable 2D headrest, an adjustable arms and elastic waist pillow, a 135-degree tilt (4 locking positions in total), and smooth PU silent wheels.

This office chair has a seat cushion that slides according to your inclination angle so that you can enjoy your leisure time after work.

Comparing our chairs to regular office chairs, we have a 5-point steel base and polymer nylon frame that is exceptionally stable and strong.

We have a four-stage air pressure bar that has been certified by TUV, and the maximum weight capacity of this office chair is 550 pounds. You will be surprised at how solid the structure is.

It has an inclination angle of 135 degrees and can lock the inclination angle; you can rest assured.

The top-quality materials are only made for your comfort, and the PU silent wheels are harmless to hardwood floors. Improve your working comfort by getting an Ergoup ergonomic office chair!


160° large-angle reclining design. Lying almost flat, relaxing, and comfortable. Lean back while driving the cushion to slide forward, maintaining the initial comfortable fit.

According to different sitting postures, the back of the seat cushion is automatically adjusted to keep close to the back, waist, and hips, reducing spine pressure.

This ergonomic chair’s mesh back is made of breathable mesh imported from DuPont, which keeps you comfortable without causing sweat stains. Comfort is maintained, but breathability is also ensured, allowing you to spend extended periods of time sitting.

Ergoup ergonomic office chairs are covered by a 30-day replacement guarantee. It’s easy to assemble the chair using the clear instructions and tools provided. The necessary tools have been prepared.

(There is a headrest, a chair body, a seat cushion, a chassis, an air pressure bar, a five-star tripod, and a wheel screw/wrench). You can raise or lower the chair’s seat using its pneumatic controls, as well as tilt the backrest back or sit up straight by adjusting the backrest’s position.


  • This office chair is dimensioned as 19.6 “D x 19.6 “W x 50 “H
  • It is a metal and aluminum swivel office chair
  • Core Bionic Ergonomics Technology
  • The lumbar pillow fits perfectly
  • 5 levels of up and down adjustment
  • Intelligent sitting posture adaptation system
  • It drives the cushion to slide forward when leaning back
  • Upgraded version of the large curved 3D headrest
  • One-button control of the armrest by the paddle, no need to bend down and lower your head
  • One-key switch between lying and sitting modes
  • This chair is fully covered with PU material
  • This chair can support up to 550 lbs of weight




ERGOUP is a furniture company that strives to make your office more productive and comfortable with ergonomic-designed products. In our effort to make the workplace healthier, we have created the best ergonomic office chair that is not only designed for your comfort but also for your posture.

Cushioning and supportive since 1984, ERGOUP’s chairs offer ergonomic productivity for home and office. Made of mesh material with a breathable mesh back to keep your back cool in the summer and warm in the winter, this chair is a great selection for your budget.

Why Is The Headrest Considered An Important Part Of The Best Office Chairs

The benefits of the headrest in an ergo office chair are described as follows:

Pain Relaxant

You can often save your neck, shoulder, and other body aches by choosing a chair that has an adjustable backrest and headrest. The reason is that an ergonomic chair with an adjustable headrest can be customized so that it provides the right amount of support where it is needed.

Good Posture

An ergonomic chair improves posture, which is one of the main reasons for providing pain relief. Ergonomic seating does not cause you to hunch forward, scrunch your shoulders, or pressure certain parts of your back but rather encourages you to adopt a proper posture.

Reclining Rest

You can benefit from the best office chairs that have a headrest by tilting your head back and receiving support that alleviates some of the pressure on your head and neck. You can keep working throughout the day by taking these short breaks and rejuvenating your body.


Adjustable headrests are most effective, allowing users to adapt to their needs.

Support Needs

It is more than ideal to have a chair with a headrest in certain cases; it is essential. The ability to work while reclining is imperative for workers with chronic musculoskeletal disorders or injuries.


Does a headrest make a chair ergonomic?

Adding a headrest to a chair can be ergonomically helpful, but poorly fitted headrests can do more harm than good.

You would find a chair’s backrest that is properly sized for your body. Non-adjustable headrests are designed for users of a certain height range, usually within just a few inches.

What is the proper way to use a headrest on a chair?

The headrest of a chair should be adjusted to the base of your head. Neither your head nor your shoulders should feel as if they are being pushed forward or downward.

Which office chair is best for your back?

Using saddle chairs can improve your spinal posture, including your upper body and neck.

The scientific literature indicates that ergonomic chairs reduce injury risk even when compared with other ergonomic chairs.

What are the benefits of office chair headrests?

An office chair with a headrest can help reduce the pain associated with working long hours.

A headrest will also prevent you from experiencing neck, shoulder, and back pain, which are some of the most common symptoms of sitting in the best office chairs for long periods of time.

Can the Steelcase gesture be upgraded to include a headrest?

It is possible. Steelcase Gesture chairs are ergonomically designed to fit every body type and posture, but they do not have headrests attached.

Headrests are an optional feature that can be added to the chair based on the user’s requirements

Why don't office chairs have headrests?

Many gaming chairs come with headrests, but many office chairs do not. You probably don’t need a headrest, but it’s worth discussing why.

In the same way, your lumbar spine has a lordotic curve; your cervical spine supports your head.

Is it worth it to purchase an office chair headrest?

In the case of acute neck or back pain, having a chair with a headrest will prove to be of greater benefit.

If you’re suffering from neck pain, it might be related to bad posture as a result of straining yourself by sitting upright without proper support.

Best Ergonomic Office Chairs With Headrest Based on User Reviews

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