How To Choose An Office Chair!

An office chair is one of the most important pieces of furniture in an office. They’re designed to provide comfort for hours at a time, encourage good posture and prevent repetitive strain injuries. 

But when you have so many different types of chairs available, how do you work out which is best for your needs?

This article will help to answer questions about choosing an office chair:

What are the benefits of ergonomic design?

What should I consider when buying a new chair? 

And more!

Different Types Of Office Chairs

Chair With Armrests

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The adjustable armrests (height, width, pivot, and forward/back glide) on a good ergonomic chair are an important component of an ergonomically correct work environment that enables a healthy and productive workforce.

Swivel Chairs

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A swivel chair is a slang phrase for a popular interface work-around that involves manually entering data into one system and then importing it into another.

The phrase “swivel chair shuffle” refers to a user’s habit of moving from one system to another while sitting in a swivel chair.

Lumbar Support Office Chair

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The lumbar back support fills in the space between the lumbar spine and seat, supporting the natural inward curve of the lower back. In an office chair, we naturally slouch and lean forward.

Weighted Base Office Chair

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The best example of a weighted base office chair with a steel base is an ergonomic chair. They are built to last and may be painted or chromed in their finishes.

The Chrome Steel bases are widely used since they leave no marks.

Wheelbase Office Chair

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A desk chair, also known as an office chair, is a kind of chair that is meant for use at a desk in an office. It’s generally a swivel chair with adjustable height and movable wheels.

Adjustable Back And Seat Height

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Adjustable chair back heights allow the user to alter the backrest cushion to the most comfortable position. The back cushion on this type of chair is adjusted using a ratchet mechanism. 

A single-acting cylinder or gas (air) spring filled with air is used in the pneumatic chair. When activated by the lever mechanism, the plunger or piston enters or leaves the air chamber, causing the chair to rise and fall.

Choose An Office Chair For Your Height And Weight

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First, measure your height and weight

Second, choose a chair whose dimensions are adjustable to fit your body size. A good office chair will have these measurements: Seat Width – between 16″ -21″ Seat Depth – between 14″ -18″ Back Height – from 28″-32″

Third, check the chair’s settings to ensure it can be adjusted for your height and weight.

Fourth, look at the backrest of the chair – is it adjustable? If so, are there any other adjustments you should consider?

Some chairs have an infinite variety of adjustment levers that work together in combination with each other to achieve a comfortable fit for many different body types.

Fifth, consider the armrests – are they adjustable? If so, do you need to adjust them for height and width?

Some chairs will automatically move up and down with your seat as it adjusts; others will require manual adjustment of each rest individually or in unison.

Sixth, make sure that if there is lumbar support, that it is adjustable.

The best office chair will be the one that has the necessary adjustments to fit your unique body shape and size.

There are many brands of ergonomic chairs with different styles, features, prices, and quality levels; make sure you choose a well-vetted product so as not to fall for marketing hype or an inferior product.

Office chairs come in different styles, colors, and designs to meet the needs of different consumers.

There are many manufacturers that sell office chairs, so you will need to decide which chair is right for your workspace and budget.

Choose An Office Chair That Is Ergonomic

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The ergonomic office chair should have the following characteristics:

Adjustable Seat Height

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Adjustable chair seat heights are preferable. A pneumatic adjustment lever is the most straightforward method to do this.

The ideal seat height is roughly 16 to 21 inches off the floor, according to most individuals. This allows the user to rest their feet on the ground with thighs parallel and arms level with the desk’s height.

Width And Depth Of Seat

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The seat should be wide and deep enough to easily adjust all users comfortably. The normal width is around 17-20 inches.

A person’s center of gravity should be level with the backrest and supported by a central point on their body, such as their hips or shoulders.

The height (from front to rear of the seat) must be adequate so that the user may sit with his or her back against the ergonomic office chair’s backrest while keeping 2 to 4 inches.

Adequate Lumbar Support

Back support in an ergonomic chair is crucial. Sitting for long periods without support for the curve in the lumbar spine can lead to slumping (flattening the natural curvature) as well as tension on the structures of the lower back.

Lumbar support (both height and depth) should be included in an ergonomic chair to enable each user to get the ideal fit for the lower back’s inward curve.

Supportive Backrest

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The width of an ergonomic office chair’s backrest should be 12 to 19 inches. The height and inclination of the backrest should be adjustable if it is separate from the seat.

It should be supportive to the natural curve of the spine and proper lumbar region support.

The backrest should be adjustable in forwarding and backward angles, with a locking mechanism to keep it from moving too far back once the user has found the proper angle.

Material Of Seat

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The seat and back of the respective office chair should have enough padding to make sitting on it for lengthy periods of time, please.

A porous material, such as a cloth fabric that breathes, is preferable to a sturdier surface.

Adjustable Armrests

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Adjustable chair armrests are a must. They should enable the user’s arms to rest correctly and relax her shoulders.

While typing, your elbows and lower arms should be lightly rested, and the forearm should not rest on the armrest.


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A chair’s ability to spin without straining should be easy enough for any conventional design or ergonomic seat to do so.

The user should be able to reach different parts of his or her desk with ease without straining.

Types Of Armrests In Modern-Day Chairs

Armrests are integral parts of ergonomic office chairs. The armrest is or should be designed in a way that it does not get into the user’s working space while he or she is typing, writing on paper, drawing plans, and doing other tasks.

Armrests Available

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Height adjustable armrest

This type works well for users who prefer a higher or lower armrest.

Swivel/pivot rest

This type of armrest is especially useful for users who frequently change their positions while working on their computers.

Armrests with wheels are an excellent option for office chairs because they allow you to roll back and forth, changing positions as needed. In addition, it can be locked into place when not in use.

Height adjustable armrest with a backrest

The most common type of ergonomic office chair. This is excellent for users who prefer to sit up against their desk or workstation while working on their computer.

It is also good for keeping your arms and hands at an elevated level so that you can keep them away from your work area while you type.

Swivel/pivot rest with a backrest

This is another popular option for ergonomic office chairs, and it works well for users who want to change their position frequently or enjoy the benefit of having their arms elevated at an angle. It can also lock into place when not in use.

How To Clean Your New Office Chair

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A clean office chair should have a removable seat cushion and backrest cover so that you can remove them to wipe down the material when it gets dirty.

In addition to being easy to wash, these parts will be made from durable materials which won’t tear or fray in the washing machine.

Before using your new office chair for the first time, you should give it a thorough clean. Remove the cover, and vacuum or dust down all surfaces to ensure that no dirt particles linger on the surface of your office chair.

When sitting in your new ergonomic desk chair, avoid wearing dark clothes as they might leave marks if rubbed against any part of the fabric’s upholstery.

For darker fabrics, you may choose to cover your office chair with a protective sheet, such as a shower curtain or plastic tablecloth.

You can use wipes on the fabric parts of your ergonomic desk chair if they get too dirty from everyday wear and tear before removing the covers for washing.

Alternatively, you could have an extra set of upholstery so that you can quickly replace the dirty part with a clean one.

When should you replace your old office chair with a new one

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There are some symptoms that would alarm you; it is time to replace your old office chair with a new one.

If you feel any discomfort or hardness in your back, neck, or shoulder when using it, then there are chances that the office chair is not suitable for you. You should take immediate action if the seat does not support your lower back properly.

Don’t buy a new desk chair just because of its cool design and color, but only if the old one fails to support your back properly.

You can also look for some signs like stains or tears on the upholstery of the office chair.

A good quality ergonomic desk chair will never have any tears or stains, as it is made from durable materials and tested by professional laborers before selling in the market.

If you find any kind of problems or discomfort in your office chair, then it is time to stop using that and go for a new one.


Office chairs are designed for comfort, but still, you need some knowledge about how to choose an office chair because all chairs are different in design, size, and color.

Before buying a new office chair, you need to take into consideration your height and weight. The desk chair seat should not be too high or too low for you; otherwise, it will make you feel uncomfortable when using it.

You may buy ergonomic desk chairs, which are specially designed in order to reduce muscular pain by supporting your back properly. In this way, you can stay healthy and happy in your office work.

Do not forget to take care of your office chair by regularly cleaning it. This will keep the fabric clean and safe from dust particles that may cause allergies or any other health problems.


How to choose the right office chair?

Adjustable seat height. A good ergonomic chair will allow about 15 to 22 inches of seat height adjustment.

Seat width

Seat depth

Adequate lumbar support

Moveable backrest

Recommended mesh seat and backrest materials

Adjustable Armrests

Caster’s Movement and stability

Is a Steelcase chair worth the money?

The Steelcase Leap chair passed all of our requirements, and it was well worth the money when only considering construction quality.

The Steelcase Leap was composed of several polymers to keep the chair’s overall weight low. It also allowed for the chair to bend in areas that were important for optimum support.

Why are the chairs expensive?

Higher-end chairs are designed to last a long time. Chairs for higher quality furniture firms are made with greater durability in mind.

The quality of the chair’s construction and materials is critical. Chairs have gone through numerous style modifications throughout history, decades, and years.

Is it true that mesh is superior for office chairs?

A soft mesh lets more air flow, but it may stretch and sag with time.

Because of these factors, few of the top chair designers use a mesh seat, and most mesh chairs come with an upholstered seat.

The plastic frame that many people use is a bigger issue with mesh seats.

Is it possible to use a gaming chair as an office chair?

There are several distinct types of chairs to choose from if you’re purchasing a new desk chair. Although the names of these kinds of chairs may seem to indicate that they are distinct, they are not.

You can utilize an office chair for gaming and a gaming chair for business tasks.