How To Clean Fabric Office Chair

How to clean the fabric office chair!

The information gathered in this article will assist you in cleaning your fabric office chairs.

You need to know several things before you proceed, including the best way to remove stains and spots from your fabric chair.

Also, you will discover how to maintain your fabric office chair’s appearance and extend its lifespan by deep cleaning instructions on the office chair or a mesh chair on a regular basis.

Materials Required

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The following materials are required to clean a fabric chair or an office chair:

  • A vacuum cleaner
  • Dishwashing soap
  • Spray bottle or bowl.
  • Small and clean soft cloths, dry cloth or a damp cloth
  • Duster or compressed air
  • For rubbing: A few drops of alcohol, vinegar, or laundry detergent cleaning solution for an office chair
  • Portable carpet and upholstery cleaner clean cloth

These are the steps to follow while cleaning a fabric chair to do it in a proper way.

Vacuum Office Chair And Remove Hair And Dust

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You should use a small head attachment and some brushes to loosen any accumulated hair or fibers on the back of your office chair. If you agitate too much, you may damage the finish of a mesh office chair.

After you have removed all visible pieces of dirt in an office chair, let’s turn our attention towards chemicals cleaning solution:

We want something that is gentle and highly effective at removing tough stains and spots from office chair upholstery.

There are many different types of cleaners (dish soap, clean cloth, dry cloth, soap residue, mild cloth, cleaning mixture, and mild soap) you can use, including carpet spot removal products and upholstery clean fabric office chairs.

As a rule of thumb, always consider testing any new cleaner on an inconspicuous part of your fabric chair or leather office chair first before applying it more liberally all over the surface with a wet cloth.

You should then allow everything to dry completely before sitting on clean fabric office chairs and evaluating if any adverse effects occurred.

Damp Cloth To Wipe The Fabric

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Wipe the entire surface of your fabric chair with a soft clean cloth or damp cloth in order to remove any residual debris.

Remember that almost all upholstery cleaners are safe for use on either cotton or synthetic fabrics, but you must check if they can be used safely over a leather office chair before applying them a few drops.

Keep these tips in mind while cleaning the fabric chair or a leather office chair, and you will be able to keep it clean.

By this, your fabric chair should remain in excellent shape for a long time.

Clean The Metal Parts

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You should mix dish soap solution with three parts of water to one part vinegar with a tablespoon of baking soda, then use this solution on the metal parts for cleaning process with foam cleaner.

You can also clean your fabric chair using just regular few drops dish soap and water.

Do not forget that sometimes stains are caused by spills or accidents, so you need to be extra careful when cleaning it if this is the case.

Remember to clean your fabric chair about once a month in order to prevent dirt from accumulating and stains from setting in.

You can use this guide for best practices on how to clean your fabric chair deep cleaning instructions, so you will always have furniture fabric upholstery that looks great.

Furniture Polish For Shine

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You should use a soft cloth dampened to gently wipe down the fabric, then apply some furniture polish for shine chair upside.

Finally, you can clean your office fabric chair with a dry cleaning solvent, rubbing alcohol, or steam cleaner if desired.

Remember to protect the surface of your fabric office chairs by applying furniture polish by cleaning foam on them regularly.

This step will help slow down the accumulation of dirt and grime between cleanings for best results.

You should keep in mind that some fabrics are more prone to stubborn stains and discoloration than others.

If you have a fabric chair that has been stained, you should consult your manufacturer’s warranty before attempting to regular cleaning it yourself, as this may void the warranty coverage.

By following these instructions on how to deep clean your unwanted odors from the fabric office chairs at home, they will look great for many years!

Wipe Remaining Moisture With Paper Towels Or Rags

You should use a dry cloth to wipe down the surface of your fabric chair for few hours.

Remember that you should never sit on an upholstered fabric chair before it has fully dried, as this can cause discoloration and other problems with the finish. You may also want to consider using simple household products like vinegar or dish soap for everyday cleanings in between deep cleanings and extra protection.

You will be able to keep your fabric chair looking great this way, so you can avoid having it professionally cleaned very often.

Let Dry Overnight

You should make sure that it has dried overnight in well ventilated area before using your office fabric chair, as sitting on it before this time can cause stains to set in.

You should also take care when wiping down or brushing away dust from the surface of your fabric office chairs because doing so too vigorously may damage the upholstery and remove some of its colors in the process.

Also, keep in mind that if stains are left on your upholstered fabric office chairs for too long, they could become permanent and impossible to remove.

If you follow these tips, your fabric chair should stay clean and look great for a long time!

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Few More Valuable Tips

Some of our top suggestions from chair cleaning experts product instructions for cleaning your office fabric chair quickly and effectively:

For stains or spots that have already set in, use an upholstery cleaner or dry-cleaning solvents such as the Spot Shot Instant Carpet Stain Remover.

To clean a fabric office chair that has been stained or dirtied by grease, use any cleaning product designed for the task, such as the Bissell 2065 Hard Floor Expert Deluxe Canister Vacuum Cleaner and Spot Lifter Power Brush.

Use a fabric refresher such as the Pledge Fabric Sweeper for high traffic areas of your fabric office chairs where dirt accumulates quickly.

If your chair is still clean, but you want to freshen up its appearance, use an air freshener for fabrics.


It is suggested that you clean your fabric chair once in six months to keep your chair a healthy sitting for you. Here we have a few instructions or tips gathered from the expert’s opinion for cleaning your fabric chair on your own without any difficulty.


How to clean fabric chairs with baking soda?

  • Sprinkle some baking soda over your office chair.
  • Rub it in slowly to the material, and it will sink further in. (Remember! Do this GENTLY.)
  • Allow it to rest overnight.
  • To clean the oven, remove the baking soda from it and turn it on. Remove any greasy messes or spills, then let your oven cool completely before vacuuming.

What do you do if your upholstered dining chairs have stains?

Step 1: Vacuum your sofa to remove any dirt and dust.

Step 2: Treat stains that are difficult to remove with a combination of white vinegar and water. Then apply pressure with a microfiber cloth.

Step 3: Use a spray bottle half full of water or a detergent made specifically for fabric sofas.

Is it really possible to use Febreze to clean your fabric chair?

The small molecules are trapped in the cyclodextrin doughnut shape and partially dissolve into the water from the chair surface.

The odor molecule is present, yet it cannot attach to your olfactory receptors, so you can’t detect it.

How should I clean my upholstery?

Combine 1/4 cup vinegar, 3/4 cup warm water, and 1 tablespoon dish soap or Castile soap in a spray bottle or bowl.

Spray the soiled area with this solution. Scrub the stain until it disappears using a soft cloth.