How To Clean Office Chair Smell

How to clean the office chair smell?
This is a question that we at Office Chair Solutions get asked all the time.

There are so many reasons you might have an odor coming from your office chairs or leather office chairs, and it can be difficult to find out the source of the problem for a new office chair.

What’s worse is not knowing how to go about solving it for office chair ergonomics or a new office chair!

That’s why we’ve put together this helpful guide on cleaning up those pesky smells for good or a fresh-smelling office chair.

Here are a few suggested ways to clean the office chair smells which may be a mesh office chair or a leather office chair.

Vacuum The Office Chairs

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Vacuuming gently rub your office chair will remove any loose dust and dirt that has accumulated on the surface or exposed areas of your office chair material.

You can use a soft brush attachment or a spray bottle to get into the fabric seams where gunk tends to build up over time in an old office chair which has bad smell.

Clean Or Replace The Office Chairs Upholstery

If your chair is fabric, chances are it might be removable.

So you can remove and hand wash in cool water with a bar of mild soap to clean off tough built-up grime.

Or, if washing isn’t possible, consider replacing the upholstery on your office chair for an easy new look.

Clean The Office Chairs Casters

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If your problem is coming from under or around one of the caster wheels.

You’ll need to remove these and clean out any gunk that might be packed inside with a cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol or spray bottle to clean the smelling chair.

Then wipe down each wheel well with baking soda, liquid soap, white vinegar, laundry detergent, and other materials before replacing them back onto your office chair base.

Spray The Chair With A Fabric Refresher Spray

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Consider giving it a spritz with an upholstery refresher spray if you have a fabric chair.

We recommend using Febreze Fabric Refresher for this purpose since it’s been formulated to break down odors and leave your most office chairs smelling fresh again and get rid of bad smell.

Clean Or Replace The Office Chairs Armrests

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If you have a fabric-covered office chair or a leather chair with removable arms, consider taking them off and washing them in warm water in direct sunlight.

Make sure to use a mild detergent on chair surface so as not to damage your upholstery of new chair.

Then hang dry before replacing back onto your office chair base.

Bonus Tip

Add a pillow to your office chair:

If you have a mesh or vinyl office chair, adding a small throw pillow from the front of the seatback will help deflect any particles that might be floating through your air vents or under lying dust on fabric upholstery.

Leave It To Dry For 10 Minutes

Once you have cleaned your office chairs using the above methods, make sure to leave it to dry for about ten minutes before sitting on it.

This will ensure that all moisture has been absorbed and evaporated so as not to cause any further damage or stains.

Flip Over Your Office Chair And Vacuum Underneath It

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Once you’ve done this, it’s time to flip over your office chair and vacuum underneath the seat cushion.

Now that your entire office chairs has been cleaned from top-to-bottom, all that remains is one final step – flipping back over onto its wheels again!

Replace Or Clean The Air Vents On Your Office Chairs

If there’s one thing that might be causing your office chair to bad smells, it could very well be the air vents.

It’s important for you to check your mesh chair fabric regularly and make sure they are not holding any debris or particles, which would prevent proper airflow from occurring (which is required in order for your office chair to function properly).

If you’re noticing a smell coming from the air vents, you might try cleaning them with a cotton swab and rubbing alcohol.

This should help take away that musty odor for good!

Use Baking Soda Or Vinegar To Clean Leather Chairs

If you have a leather chair with removable cushions, then this is the perfect time to clean smelling chair in the washing machine with laundry detergent.

Just make sure that they are turned inside out and use cold water for this process to make the chair fresh(and do not dry in an automatic dryer).

You can also try the sprinkle baking soda onto the cushion’s surface for underlying dust before vacuuming it away or regular cleaning.

Or, for a more natural approach, use vinegar diluted with water, rubbing alcohol in a clean bowl, and spray it onto your leather chair’s surface before wiping down the area using a soft cloth or home remedies.

Bonus Tip

Clean the underside of your office chairs to get rid of bad smells:

For those that have an upholstered mesh or vinyl office chair, you might not realize that there is typically some mesh opening on the underside of your office chair’s seat cushion.

If you’re noticing a smell coming from this area, take some time to vacuum it out using a handheld attachment and soft brush-head (sitting under or around an air vent is typically where these odors originate).

This should help alleviate that musty office chair odor for good!

If You Have Upholstered Office Chairs

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Lastly, if you have an upholstered office mesh chair and notice some stains or dirt on the surface of your fabric, take a mild soapy solution (such as dish soap) with a soft brush to scrub away any unwanted particles from the material’s surface.

If necessary, use this same technique for cleaning armrests but make sure that you remove them from the office chair first (and use cold water when washing).

Now that you’ve cleaned your upholstered office chair to perfection, it’s time for one final step – replacing all of its components and sitting in comfort once again!

How To Prevent Smells In The Future

The easiest approach to keep your office chair smelling fresh in the future is to set up a cleaning plan.

This is the way I keep my office chair clean at least once a week:

With a duster, vaccum cleaner, and a dry cloth, clean my office chair.

I vacuumed the seats and surrounding area where my office chair has been to ensure that I removed all of the filth and grime.

Then, using a microfiber cloth with my preferred cleaning solution.

I would clean my chair once every month by using a disinfectant spray to clean it and let it dry.

I’d also choose to keep the window open to assist air out my office as a whole, which can be beneficial in removing any remnants of previous chair odors.

I do this once a day for 30 minutes or so.

Oil the office chair wheels, joints, and parts once every six months to prevent dirt and grime from accumulating.


What to get rid of the odor in my chair?

Cleaning your chair is easy with rubbing alcohol.

Soak a cotton ball or tiny towel in it and rub it into the cushion of your chair.

Allow it to dry for a while until it no longer smells or has an odor.

Why does my new chair have a distinct odor?

Off-gassing chemicals in a new office chair’s materials, such as formaldehyde, can produce strong odors.

The odor of off-gassing is the emission of noxious gases from manufactured goods, such as office furniture.

How to get rid of the plastic smell from a chair?

To begin, rinse the empty bottles with cold water since hot might accumulate in the odor.

Fill the containers with warm water and one tablespoon of baking soda next for an effective odor remover.

Close the container and let it rest overnight after that.

How do I clean a mesh or vinyl office chair odor?

If you have a mesh or vinyl office chair, the steps involved in cleaning it are quite similar to how you would clean leather or upholstered mesh/vinyl office chair odor.

First and foremost, vacuum under your seat cushion (make sure that it is flipped over to prevent any debris from getting trapped inside).

Next, use soapy water and a soft brush head to scrub away any stains or dirt from the surface of your mesh/vinyl office chair.