How To Clean Office Chair

How to clean the office chair!

The office chairs is one of the most important pieces of furniture in an office (fabric office chair, leather office chair, or a plastic office chair); it’s where you spend all day, every day. It’s also one of the dirtiest pieces of office furniture.

If you’re like me, then there are days that I don’t even think about cleaning my office chair because I’m too busy thinking about other things (or maybe it has something to do with not being very good at multitasking).

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But what happens when your office chair a fabric office chair, plastic office chair or a leather office chair starts to look dirty or greasy?

If you are facing this issue, then we have a comprehensive guide for you on how to clean (cleaning instructions) the office chairs like fabric office chairs, mesh office chairs;

The cleaning process of any of chair (fabric office chair or a leather office chair) is as follows:

Clean Seat With Damp Cloth

The cleaning process with damp cloth may vary depending on your type of chairs it would be fabric office chairs or mesh chairs, but regardless it should be done quite easily.

If you’re worried about damaging your current furniture by cleaning the mixture, then take out all removable parts (e.g., armrests) and place them in the sink.

Use Vacuum To Remove Dirt And Debris

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There are usually tiny holes on the bottom side of the office chairs, which you can use for this purpose.

It will help loosen up all that stubborn dust or grime stuck deep down with a clean cloth. You may also consider removing the casters (wheels) of your chair to clean under them.

Use Cloth With Soapy Water And Wipe The Fabric

After removing all dust, dirt, or grime from underneath crevices, it’s time to wash away those dirty stains on top with a few drops of dish soap!

Use an appropriate cleaner depending upon the type of material your chair is made of; for example, leather cleaner works great on real leather.

Wipe Fabric With Distilled Water

This will disinfect your wooden or plastic furniture and make it look new again with mild soap or liquid soap cleaning mixture!

If there are any stubborn grime leftovers, then you may want to follow up by wiping an oil-based paint onto those areas with air dry or dry cloth.

Allow Chair To Dry

This will help avoid any damage caused by excess moisture and mildew growth, which typically occurs when you place your chairs inside a closed area (e.g., under your desk).

Let it sit for 24 hours before using it again!

Vacuum All Parts Of The Chair

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After you’ve finished cleaning the seat, it’s time to take care of all the other parts. This includes vacuuming armrests and casters (wheels).

Wipe down Base With Wet Cloth

This step is extremely important because stubborn dirt or grime can leave stains on your chair if left untouched.

When using a wooden base, make sure to remove dust particles stuck deep within the grooves with soap and water for extra protection and cleaning!

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Dry All Parts Using Dry Towels

Make sure that your office chair is fully dried in well ventilated area before putting it back together for use again. You can also consider spraying some disinfectant or furniture polish to help speed up the drying process.

Empty And Clean Out Dust Bin On Vacuum Cleaner

As we all know, dust accumulates in the bin of a vacuum cleaner over time.

And if you use your chair often (or even daily), then chances are high that it can become quite dirty and filled up with particles such as hair and other debris.

Remove Bag Or Container

This is necessary to remove any excess particles or other materials stuck deep down. If your vacuum cleaner uses a bag, then you can purchase new ones directly from the manufacturer or an authorized dealer (e.g., Amazon).

Clean Out Dust And Debris

Remove any stubborn dirt particles using a brush until it’s completely clean again!

You may also remove the filter of your vacuum cleaner and wash it with soap residue, dry cleaning solvent, or detergent when you are sure that the filter is completely dry before putting leather furniture back into place again!

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Replace Bag/Container

Put the clean container back in its proper position and put a new paper (for canister vacuum cleaners or baking soda cleaning agent) or cloth dampened stain removal (for upright ones) bag inside; this will help reduce any allergies or irritations caused by dust particles!

Vacuum Chair Again To Remove Dirt Stuck Deep Down

If there are any stubborn grime leftovers on your chair after cleaning it, then you can also consider using an upholstery attachment for this step on whole chair common stains to begin cleaning.

These small tools will allow you to clean and remove residue from the smallest crevices of your office chair without having to disassemble it.

Empty Dust Bin Last Time Before Using Vacuum Cleaner Again

This will keep dirt and debris away from other parts of your house, which might cause problems in the long run!

Clean Dust Bin

Remove any leftovers and wash them with soap to make sure that your vacuum cleaner is clean again!

If you have a bagless canister, then consider washing all parts in hot water. This will help kill off bacteria inside each crevice of your  chair.

Replace Filter If Necessary

Some vacuum cleaners require the filter to be replaced after a certain amount of time, while others do not; it depends on the type and brand.

If you want to make sure that your office chair will last as long as possible (without having any issues), then we recommend replacing filters every six months!

Use Light, Non-Greasy Furniture Polish To Shine Up

This step is crucial if you want to make sure that your chair will keep its original, shiny colour for a long time.

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Apply The Polish

Make sure not to use too much of it! Now put one or two drops on a microfiber cloth and start applying gently onto all metal parts; this includes armrests and caster wheels!

Buff Until Dry

You can use a different microfiber cloth for this step or wipe it off with your hands after applying the furniture polish.

Either way, make sure that all parts are completely dry before using them again in an office setting environment (e.g., don’t put wet arms on your chair)!

Use Leather Cleaner For Right Surfaces

You can also consider using these cleaners on your chair to make sure that it looks new again; this will help prevent cracks and peeling later down the line!

Make sure not to use any water or furniture polish afterwards (if you used them earlier) because they might leave stains on your office chair.

Upholstered Chair, Use Vacuum Or Brush To Remove Dirt

By using the right tools to clean your chair, you can avoid damaging it in any way.

Remove Excess Dirt

Start by removing unwanted dust and debris with a small brush (e.g., toothbrush) or vacuum attachment; this will make cleaning much easier!

If there are large lumps of dirt on these surfaces, then you can also consider using a needle to remove them.

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Apply Cleaner

Use a finger or a cotton swab for this step!

Dip the item into your cleaning solution and start scrubbing away at any dirt stuck deep down inside crevices; make sure that you don’t push too hard onto surfaces because it might damage the upholstery!

Rinse Thoroughly

You can wipe away any residue left on your office chair with a wet cloth after cleaning.

Before reusing it in an office environment, ensure that all parts are completely dry (e.g., don’t use wet arms on the chair).

Some of these steps might sound pretty complicated, but don’t worry; if you follow them exactly as they are written here, then all parts of your chair should be clean and shiny again in no time!

Wipe Down Plastic Or Rubber Pieces With Warm Water And Soap

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To ensure that your chair is clean and safe to use again, always consider wiping down any hard plastic or rubber surfaces with warm water (and soap if necessary) before using the vacuum cleaner.

Clean Surface

Start by removing unwanted dust and debris from these parts; you can do this easily with a small brush (e.g., toothbrush) or vacuum attachment.

It is not good to push too hard on surfaces as it might damage the upholstery!

Wipe Dry With Cloth

After cleaning, you may use a wet cloth to wipe away any residues left on your chair. Make sure that all parts are completely dried before using it again in an office setting environment (e.g., don’t put wet arms on your chair)!

Some of these steps might sound pretty complicated, but don’t worry; if you follow them exactly as they are written here, then all parts of your office chair should be clean and shiny again in no time!

Sit Down And Enjoy!

You can now sit comfortably in a chair that looks brand new again; thank you for reading our complete cleaning instructions on how to clean a chair!

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Keep Chair Clean

Avoid eating lunch at your workplace. We all know that it’s easy to grab a bite at your desk while you’re rushed or nearing a deadline, but this is asking for trouble.

A good vacation does more than switch off, relax, and refresh your mindset. 

As well as increasing happiness, taking a break from work increases productivity by letting your mind relax and focus on something else besides work.

Keep an eye on the chair and deal with tougher stains or stubborn stains and loose debris as soon as possible. The quickest method to keep your chair clean is to clean spills as soon as they happen.

Have you spilled soup or coffee on the floor? As quickly as possible, dab (not rub) the stain gently wipe with a wet cloth to prevent it from staining.

A protective spray bottle will protect your chair. When it’s dry, spray it with a protectant spray to prevent stains from progressing forward. Fabric, suede, and polished leather are available in a variety of styles.

How Long It Is To Clean A Chair

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Make sure you clean up any spills or stains as soon after they happen as possible to avoid them from permanently setting. It will take around five minutes.

Regular maintenance cleaning might take as little as 15 minutes (plus air-drying time) to refresh your chair and remove dust, stains, and germs. We suggest you repeat this at least once a week, if not more frequently with water based cleaner.

Set aside around 30 minutes to remove stubborn stains or carry out seasonal deep cleaning with leather protectant.