How To Disassemble Office Chair

How to disassemble office chair!

An office chair is a very important investment for any business, and it can be frustrating if you are not sure how to take care of your new purchase of a chair.

In this article, we will answer some common questions about taking apart an office chair or disassemble an office chair so that you know what tools to use and how to put the pieces back together again.

We’ll start with step one: removing the armrests from their sockets to disassemble an office chair.

Here are simple steps to follow to disassemble office chairs:

  • Dismantle the wheels of the chair to reduce its mobility. 
  • The starbase should be removed.
  • Armrests need to be disassembled.
  • Separate the seat pad from the backrest by unscrewing or unbolting the fixtures to disassemble an office chair.
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Have you disassemble an office chair in the past, you know there is more to each step than meets the eye.

You’ll find an in-depth and straightforward walkthrough of disassembling your chair further down the page.

How To Disassemble Office Chairs - Full Procedure

Remove The Casters/Wheels

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You may find it difficult to complete this task when your chair moves around at the slightest provocation. It is best to detach or need to remove the wheels of your chair from the base to limit its mobility.

Tools Needed

  • Pry bar
  • Screwdriver


  • You can access the wheels of your office chair by turning it to the side or upside down.
  • One hand should rest on the chair leg; the other should rest on the caster while you disassemble your office chair.
  • The caster should be pulled out. Pry out the caster with the pry bar if it won’t budge.
  • Pry bar with nail-pulling end between caster and leg. Pull out the caster wheel by pushing the pry bar handle downwards. 

Repeat this process for each wheel until your chair is no longer mobile. Once you have removed all the wheels, remove the starbase from the chair cylinder.

Remove The StarBase From The Office Chair

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Tools Needed

  • Hammer
  • 2×4 piece of wood


As you position the piece of wood above the gas lift, have someone else hold down the five-star chair base while you disassemble your chair.

Take your hammer and use the side to hit the wood so you don’t damage the gas lift. Do not strike any part of the gas lift or chair base directly.

Keeping the wood on the gas lift, keep hammering it. Eventually, the five-star base’s pressure will be released, and the bottom will separate.

De-attach The Armrests

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Remove the armrests out of their current position next. Here, you’re getting rid of the secondary structure so that there will be no obstructions. 

Check first if you can remove the armrests when it has a need.

The armrests of many office chairs are built into their structure. Yours might be one of them, so you’ll need to check how they attach to the seat structure.

Unbolt Fixtures Tips

Armrests are typically attached to chairs by bolts or screws.

Use a flat-head screwdriver or a cross-head screwdriver depending on the type of screws you have.

The bolts will unfasten or can be pulled out with a key wrench.  

Counter-clockwise rotation of the respective tools will unfasten bolts or screws then you can pull out.

The screws and bolts that come out should be stored safely in case you need to reassemble the chair later. 

The unfastened armrests should be removed from the seat frame and placed together with the caster wheels.

Remove Seat Of Chair

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At this point, all that is left of your chair is the seat pan, the backrest, and the metal cylinder. Prior to removing the parts, focus on detaching the seat.

Unbolt or unscrew the fixtures connecting the backrest to the seat pan, and gently separate the two parts. The wrench and screwdrivers can be used again.

You need to separate the entire body framework from the base if your office chair is a single unit structure.

If your chair is raised via hydraulics, do a quick check to determine if it does so. Adjustable chairs always have this feature. 

  • The bolts or screws beneath the seat pan should be checked if your chair is connected to hydraulics.
  • Undo any fasteners and remove the seat pan and backrest from the base as a unit. 
  • If your chair is not connected to the hydraulics, separate the two parts by pulling them apart.
  • Next, remove the hydraulic cylinder from the chair’s base. 


When you assemble your office chair later, use a cushion on the seat to make it more comfortable.

Remove Gas Lift Cylinder From Chair

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Once you have the right tools, you can easily remove the gas cylinder from your office chair.

Things or Tools Needed

  • Adjustable wrench
  • Screwdriver
  • Rubber mallet


Typically, your first step would be to remove the casters and starbase from your chair without any damage; however, we have already covered that in the first step back, so let’s get right to the next step, removing the gas lift cylinder. Shall we? 


  • With your chair upside down, use an adjustable wrench to remove the four bolts that connect the mechanism under it to the chair.
  • Dispose of your chair’s upper part after unscrewing all the bolts without any damage.  
  • Remove the cylinder from the base next. Use the rubber mallet to strike the base downward while holding the cylinder upright with one hand.
  • By focusing on the surrounding area, hit the mallet close to the cylinder.
  • As soon as you have removed the base, you can release the mechanism inside the cylinder.
  • Removing the bottom should be similar to removing the mechanism. Hit the cylinder downward with a rubber mallet with one hand while holding it upside down.
  • (Bonus Step) If the mechanism won’t come out of the cylinder, apply some heat and gently tap it with a rubber mallet.
  • It can be held over a stovetop, a candle, or a torch. Regardless of the heat source you use, be extremely cautious not to burn yourself! 

You have one option left if it still won’t come out despite the applied heat: use a special removal tool. When you replace a gas cylinder, this tool is usually included.

The items included can be very helpful when it comes to removing the cylinder.

Can a Chair Explode

Office chairs can indeed explode.

According to the science behind this, when the air inside the gas cylinder is compressed, it creates just about enough energy to produce a massive explosion.

There are three types of air-pressured office chairs on the market today:

  • Gas-pressured
  • Mechanical
  • Hydraulic-pressured


Unfortunately, some manufacturers today take shortcuts in the production of office chairs. 

Several factors can be used to identify poorly manufactured chairs. Sometimes it’s the build quality, and sometimes it’s how worn out their parts and materials are.

A chair for the office is not something to be feared, however.

During an explosion, the chair’s cylinder must be in contact with a high-impact object, such as a bullet or a free-falling heavy object.

Sitting on the right chair is crucial. If the chair is ancient or poorly made, or in poor condition, an explosion may occur.

Today, most office chairs are improved versions of earlier types from the 1990s and early 2000s.

Remove A Stuck Base From Chair

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When the base of your office chair is stuck, the problem is most likely with the gas cylinder that it is may get rusted due to which you are unable to shake or move it to remove it from the base.

The base cannot smoothly slide away from the joint because of rust accumulated within the metallic cylinder. 

For this procedure, you’ll need WD-40 spray and a rubber mallet.

Position your chair upright and spray lubricant into the cylinder cover.

Pour it all the way to the bottom, and place a cloth or piece of paper to catch excesses.  

Hold the chair’s base as you pound on the cylinder’s bottom with the rubber mallet. You’ll notice how easily the chair’s base detaches from the cylinder after a couple of strikes.


Here is a short and straightforward guide to disassembling an office chair. There’s nothing complicated about the entire process, as you can see. Having the right tools and a little time are all you need. Each step should be performed as slowly and carefully as possible to avoid damaging the chair’s crucial component.


Is it possible to repair office chairs?

You don’t have to toss your office chair if the lift mechanism needs repair, but the upholstery is still in good condition.

It needs to be fixed! An office chair gas cylinder costs about $40 to replace Lift mechanisms that need to be rebuilt in two steps.

What is the role of the knob under my chair?

The tensioning feature is a knob that can be adjusted to increase or decrease the force needed to tilt.

Therefore, tension tilt allows you to decide how much you want to recline on a chair, as well as how much force is required to do so.

What is the mechanism of an office chair?

Chairs are built around a single-acting cylinder (a spring filled with air).

Activating this lever moves a piston into the cylinder, which in turn moves the lever.