How To Fix A Sinking Office Chair

How to fix a sinking office chair! 

There are many different reasons for this issue. Sometimes people are simply sitting in their chairs too long, causing them to sink.

Other times, the problem can be traced back to issues with the person’s weight distribution in the chair to adjust the height of the chair.

Fortunately, there are plenty of ways that your sinking office chair can be fixed!

In this article, we will cover some fixes for common problems associated with a sinking chair.

Why Does An Office Chair Sink

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A sinking office chair does not necessarily indicate that the entire chair is faulty.

There’s a very easy explanation for this.

The lift in the office chair cylinder has vanished.

The part of the chair that joins the base to the seat is called an office chair pneumatic cylinder or a metal cylinder which is usually used to fix an office chair and adjust the height.

It’s also what allows us to raise and lower the chair to the desired height.

Nitrogen gas is inside the chair’s pneumatic cylinder.

The chair’s cylinder is filled with nitrogen gas, so when you pull the chair lever, it switches chambers within the cylinder, allowing it to move up and down height adjustment.

The seal in the cylinder wears down and leaks over time, especially after frequent usage of your chair.

As a result, the cylinder is to blame for the sinking of the chair.

Tools Required

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  • PVC water pipe
  • Rubber mallet
  • Measuring tape
  • Wrench or screwdriver
  • Cutting tool

Methods To Prevent Sinking

Check Screws Of Chair's Base For Tightness

Is your office chair sinking? Perhaps the issue is that you are sitting in it too long, causing the legs to push into the floor.

If this isn’t an option for you (such as if someone else sits at your desk when not at work), other options are available!

Maybe one of these solutions will help fix your office chair keeps sinking.

What should I do if my office chair keeps sinking?

First, check to see that the screws are tight on your office chair’s base.

If you find any screw or nut loose causing your chair to sink, then you should tighten them to avoid sinking.

No Debris Between Casters and Floor

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Make should be sure that there is no irregular surface or debris between the casters and the floor.

When debris becomes trapped between the caster and floor, it makes them unable to rotate.

This can cause a sinking office chair as well.

When you have checked that there is no debris under your casters, try rotating them manually; if they still do not move freely, then proceed with lubricating them by applying oil or grease on their surfaces.

How do I fix a sinking chair if the casters are locked?

If you have tried all of these solutions, and your caster wheels still remain stuck in place, causing your chairs to sink, then it is time that you should replace them.

New casters will ensure the proper function of the chair and prevent future problems with sinking chairs.

If it still sinks, try tightening up all of the screws to make sure they are secure:

You have tried all the methods to prevent the sinking of the chair, and it is still sinking.

Then you should go through all the screws and nuts of the chair to make sure that they are fully tightened.

This will prevent future sinking office chairs.

Replace Missing Or Damaged Caster Cups With New

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If all of your casters are damaged and need replacement, then you can find caster cups in hardware stores.

These caster cups will ensure that the stability of the chair does not suffer as a result of sinking chairs.

If all of the solutions still do not work and your office chair is sinking, then you should replace the caster cups.

These will ensure that future problems with a sinking chair don’t occur.

Try Different Chair That Is Stable

You would use an office desk chair rather than a rolling swivel stool.

If you find it hard to fix your chair, try using a different type of chair that might be more stable.

These would include office desk chairs instead of rolling swivel stools.

Sometimes, the chair can be traced back to issues with the person’s weight distribution in the chair.

If you find any screw or nut loose causing your chair to sink, then you should tighten them to avoid sinking.

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“The failure of hydraulic components or adjustable cylinders is one of the most prevalent causes of an office chair that keeps sinking.

Because a pneumatic chair’s cylinder or a piston is used in these chairs for the right height, they may wear out over time.

Wear and tear or other factors are most often to blame for chair pneumatic failure.

Regardless of the reason, it must be addressed right away.”


Office chair that keeps sinking over time, but that doesn’t imply you have to sit in uncomfortable postures or desired height and make your day a struggle.

Follow the numerous techniques we’ve offered for fixing an office chair that won’t stay upright, and you’ll be fine throughout the day.


How to stop office chairs from sinking?

A plastic spacer or a piece of PVC may be used to keep the cylinder from sinking in an office chair hack.

If the plastic spacer is cut down the centre, it may be wrapped around the cylinder piston.

Or, if you are using an uncut spacer or PVC, there’s a little more work to do (sliding on the spacer from within the cylinder).

How to prevent gravel office chairs from sinking?

To prevent any damage or sinking, it is easy to use another material if cost is the primary consideration.

Pair gravel with some pavers or decking panels where you want to sit.

How to put office chairs on pea gravel?

Gravel is not pleasant on bare feet, even if you use more compatible rounded gravel, such as pea gravel, which has its own set of drawbacks.

Pea gravel, being rounded, is difficult if not impossible to compress into a firm surface appropriate for persons using wheelchairs and the mobility-impaired.

Why is an office chair sinking?

A single-acting gas cylinder is used in a pneumatic office chair for height of the chair.

This is a spring that has been pressurized with air.

When the piston is moved farther out of the chamber, its air expands, lowering the seat.

If your chair keeps sinking, it indicates that the cylinder is no longer functional to fix an office chair.