An office chair that slants or leans to one side is very uncomfortable. You will ultimately be less productive due to it, as it will negatively impact your mood.

You will never tolerate a leaning office chair.

If your job requires you to sit on a chair for long periods of time then a leaning chair will be very uncomfortable for you.

If your chair leans, then it will compromise your health too.

Types Of Leans In An office Chair

Generally, an office chair leans in three different directions,

  • Forward Lean
  • Backward Lean
  • Sideways Lean

As an office chair leans in three different ways, and every type has some specific issue and to resolve them, a particular method is used for a particular type.

Forward Lean

The chair, which has a forward lean, means that when you sit on it, it leans in the forward direction. 

This may cause too much pressure or stress on your spinal cord, specifically the lumbar area, which may damage your health badly.

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Fix Forward Tilt Knob

If your forward tilt knob is loosened, one way to prevent the forward lean is to tighten it.

Fix Stuck Forward Tilt Knob

The forward tilt knob is present under the chair seat inside the housing. Sometimes, it stocks. Due to which chair leans in the forward direction.

You just need to tighten the forward tilt knob to get rid of the forward leaning.

Fix Broken Forward Tilt Knob

The forward lean is often caused due to issues in the forward tilt knob. Sometimes it is broken.

You just need to remove the seat and check whether the tilt knob is broken or loose. If it’s broken, then replace it. Otherwise, just tighten the knob.

Backward Lean

When you sit on your office chair, it leans too backward, which makes you very uncomfortable and sometimes you may fall down.

How To Fix An Office Chair That Leans by

Method To Fix Backward Lean

The first thing is to determine whether the chair has a tension adjustment knob or not.

If your chair has the tension knob then you may need to tighten the tension knob to achieve more tension.

If your chair doesn’t have the tension knob, you have to find a lever underneath it. You can lock the back in a predetermined position with this lever.

By tightening this lever, the back is locked, and this is a good method of controlling the backward leaning.

Sideways Lean

The sideways leaning of an office chair may include the right or left lean when you sit on it. 

You can easily fix the sideways lean of the office chair by yourself.

When you sit in a chair that tilts to one side, you are undoubtedly going to disturb your posture in the long run, making your pelvis hold your body weight in a dangerously unnatural position.

Methods To Avoid Sideways Lean In An Office Chair

First of all, you should check each leg’s wheel to see if it is bent or defective, causing the chair to tilt right or left. If one of the wheels is damaged, you can remove it and replace it.

Secondly, go through the legs of the chair to check if any screws have come out. If so, then you may locate the screw in the surrounding area or install a new screw here.

The black plate at the bottom of the chair seat contains several screws, bolts, or an adjustment lever and hydraulic lift. 

Make sure that no screws or bolts are loose. If so, then you should tighten them with the appropriate type of screwdriver, either flat head or Phillips, or with a wrench.

Observe if the black plate has been damaged. Any part that appears defective will need to be replaced, or the entire plate will be replaced.

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Some Quick Fixes Of Leaning Office Chair

  • Your chair should be opened from top to bottom.
  • Make sure your arms and back are aligned.
  • Wheels should be reinstalled. If the old ones need to be replaced, then you can replace them.
  • All the pieces should be put together.
  • If you find a screw missing, replace it.
  • Ensure that all screws are tightened.
  • Your chair seat’s black plate should now be installed under it.
  • Then check that the office chair is working properly or not.


How To Stop Tilt In An Office Chair

You should sit on your office chair with your feet flat on the ground.

Your office chair’s tilt adjustment knob is located beneath the seat pan.

Release the tilt adjustment knob, tilt the seat and release the tilt adjustment.

Why Is The Knob Present Under The Office Chair

This knob is an adjustable ‘tension’ feature, which can be adjusted to change the amount of tilt force needed. With a tension tilt feature, you can basically decide how much you want to recline in a chair.

How To Unlock An Office Chair?

In most chairs, the tilt lock/release is controlled by the same paddle as the pneumatic control.

The tilt-lock in the upright position is engaged by pushing the paddle “in” about 1/4″ (towards the chair stem).

Releasing the paddle requires pulling it 1/4″ out and reclining it.