How To Hang A Hammock Chair!

Do you want to learn how to hang a hammock chair with precision and ease?

Whether you’re looking for information on hanging a hammock chair indoors or outdoors, we’ve got all the answers.

Hammocks are great additions to any outdoor space; they provide an inviting place for relaxing in your yard or garden.

Not only can they be used as places to relax, but they make perfect spots for reading books and magazines too!

This post will cover everything from choosing the right type of rope and hook, getting the most comfortable position possible when lying down in the hammock chair, and more!

Hang A Hammock Chair

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It may be indoor or outdoor.

Hammocks can be hung indoors and outdoors. If you are hanging your hammock chair inside, it is important to note that the dimensions of where you will want to hang it should not exceed 12-15 feet across because a large sturdy hook must be attached to the ceiling.

If you have beams in your house or ceilings that are higher than twelve feet, using a large hook is almost impossible.

If the indoor area you would like to hang your hammock chair requires more space than 12-15 feet across, an outdoor location is best!

While hanging it outdoors can be just as hard if there are no trees or beams to attach the hooks onto, it is more fun and scenic experience.

Hammocks can also be hung outdoors on anything sturdy enough to support the weight of one or two people, such as trees or beams in your yard.

Essential Requirements

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Two strong hooks that are capable of holding at least 200 pounds each – note that these should not be attached to the ceiling if hanging it indoors; you will need to attach them to sturdy beams or trees

A strong rope that can support at least 200 pounds should be a thick and heavy-duty cotton string, not nylon.

Your hooks would slide right off of nylon since it is much slicker than cotton! It’s also best to purchase a darker color so that it is not as visible.

Types Of Hammocks

Hammocks come in any type of material such as cotton, silk (a luxurious and expensive option), or nylon.

The most popular choice is cotton because the fabric can be hung indoors and outdoors without worrying about durability.

Nylon tends to only work well for outdoor use because if a tear does occur from normal wear and tear, the hole will become bigger over time as it continues to be used.

Hammocks come in a single or double size, with the most popular being the single for their simple design and convenience.

Double hammock chairs are more sturdy because they have an extra support bar so that two people can comfortably fit inside of them without worrying about sagging.

Now that you have all the necessary equipment to hang your hammock chair, it’s time for some precision. Here are our reviews on how to properly hang a hammock chair:

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Finding The Right Spot To Hang

It is important that you find the perfect spot in which to hang your hammock chair.

You want to find an area free of debris or obstructions so the string can easily slide back and forth without getting stuck on anything.

Make sure to take into account where you will be standing when laying down in your hammock chair because if it hangs too low, stepping inside could result in injury.

The Perfect Angle

When hanging a hammock chair, you must find the perfect angle at which to place it.

You want your back to be as close to parallel with the ground as possible so that there is less strain on your neck and spine.

The easiest way for this positioning is by hanging it from two trees or beams at least twelve feet apart.

The Right Length Of Rope

Once you have selected the perfect spot to hang your hammock chair and found the correct angle, now it is time to get the proper length on your rope so that there isn’t too much excess or not enough!

According to the general rule of thumb is to hang your hammock chair at a height that is one foot shorter than the space between your two trees or beams.

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Hang Your Hammock

To actually begin hanging your hammock chair, you will need someone else’s help!

Once both of you have determined where it should be hung from and how long the rope should be, take the rope and hold it up to where you want your hammock chair to end.

Then tie a simple knot at that point (a reef knot is usually best for this), making sure the ends are equal on each side.

Then pull down on the two ropes, so they create loops – one loop will go on each hook. Once this is done, take the loops and pull them over the hooks so that they are in place to support your hammock chair!

Trees Are Best For Hanging Hammock Chair

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There are different types of trees that work best for hanging a hammock chair.

The most important thing to remember is that the spot must be free from any obstructions so it can easily slide back and forth without getting stuck on anything!

Some good options include:

Oak Tree: These trees tend to be very sturdy and will hold up your hammock chair without giving you any trouble, even when it is windy outside.

Walnut Tree: These trees are also very sturdy but still allow for some movement in the ropes so that there isn’t too much strain on them while swinging back and forth! They do not grow as big or tall, though, which could make it harder to find a strong enough branch!

Hickory Tree: This type of tree is also very sturdy and will hold up your hammock chair without any trouble – especially when there isn’t too much weight in it. The only downside is that they are not as wide or tall, which could make finding the right place for hanging it a bit harder.

Other good options include:

Cedar Tree: This type of tree is not very sturdy and will likely bend under the weight of your hammock chair, which could be dangerous! However, if there aren’t too many branches to hang it from, this might not matter much – just make sure that you don’t have too much weight in it so that the whole thing doesn’t fall down!

Birch Tree: This type of tree is not very sturdy but can hold up your hammock chair without being dangerous if only a few branches hang from it. If you have more than four, though, then this might become an issue because they will be unable to support too much weight and may break!

Safety Precautions

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There are a few safety precautions that you should always take when utilizing your hammock chair.

These include:

Checking the rope Frequently: If you have had it installed for some time, then make sure to check its condition from time to time because ropes can begin fraying or growing weak!

This is important if there is a lot of weight in the hammock chair, which can cause it to snap or break.

If you notice that there is any damage at all, then have your rope replaced immediately!

Be Sure To Not Overload Your Hammock Chair: Many people do not realize that if they overload their hammock chair, then the ropes could snap or break off.

If this happens while you are in your hammock chair, then it is likely to fall down suddenly and cause injury!

Don’t Wear Loose Clothing: You should always be sure that whatever clothing you wear when hanging your hammock chair is not loose because anything that slips through the ropes could cause them to snap or break.

This is especially important when you are in your hammock chair with a lot of weight on it!

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Don’t Leave Your Hammock Chair When It’s Not Being Used: If you leave your swing there for too long, then the ropes will begin growing weak and eventually break off – which could be dangerous!

It is best to take it down when you are done using it so that the ropes stay in good condition.

Don’t Leave Your Hammock Chair Out In The Sun When Not Being Used: If exposed to too much heat, then the ropes will begin growing weak and eventually snap or break – which would be extremely dangerous!

Make sure that you take it down and put it in a shaded area if you plan to leave it for more than an hour.

Don’t Let Pets Or Other Animals Climb On The Hammock Chair: If your pet or other animal gets onto the hammock chair, then its weight could cause the ropes to snap or break – which would be extremely dangerous!

Make sure to keep your pet on the ground and away from the hammock chair if you plan to utilize it.

Be Careful When On And Off Your Hammock Chair: If you are up high, then make sure that there is nothing above or around where you will put your feet so that you do not accidentally kick it and damage the ropes.

This is essential if you have a lot of weight in your hammock chair!

Don’t Use Your Hammock Chair On An Incline: If you use your hammock on an incline, then this could increase its weight dramatically – which would be extremely dangerous because that could cause the ropes to break or snap!

Be sure that you hang your hammock chair in a place where it will not be affected by gravity, such as on the flat ground.


What are the basic steps for hanging a hammock chair from the ceiling?

  • Decide where to place the chair.
  • Drill a Small Hole in the Ceiling
  • Determine the Last Hanging Point of Your Hammock Chair
  • At your final hanging position, drill a big hole.
  • Insert the Screw Hook into the Ceiling Joist Using a Stud Finder

Where should you put a hammock chair?

Pick a location with enough vertical clearance and room for your chair to hang correctly.

If you have 6 to 8 feet (1.8 to 2.4 m) of space from floor to ceiling, you will have plenty of area for your chair to swing properly.

There’s the area behind the chair where it can spin or sway.

How do you put a hammock chair up in a tree?

To even out the weight, wrap the rope twice around the tree and create 2 hanging attachments.

Thread the hammock chair loop or hanging system through the ends of the rope and up toward each other, keeping it tight as you go.

Make 2 half-inch knots right below the branch.