How To Raise Office Chair Without Lever!

If it’s your first day in your office, but you don’t know how to raise your chair without a lever, then don’t be panicked. Raising your office chair is easy, but you need to know how to do it. It does not require any special tools or knowledge of mechanics.

It is easy to do it by yourself. Just follow the simple steps below, and you can quickly raise your office chair without any problem.

Let’s get started!

How To Raise Office Chair Without Lever

how to raise office chair without lever

1. Office Chair Lever Removal

Take a flat head screwdriver and remove the screws around the chair’s base or armrests on some chairs. After removing the screws, you can easily remove the levers.

2. Plastic Slider Replacement

Some chairs just have a plastic bearing with washers at the base of the chair leg attached to it. You need to slide these bearings onto your chair’s legs and tighten the screws again.

3.Office Chair Seat Removal

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Flip the chair and remove the screws on top of the chair back with a flat head screwdriver. You will see a metal rod connecting to the desk or floor; that is what you need to lift your office desk or chair without a lever.

4. Raising The Office Chair

how to raise office chair without lever by

Now, place the tip of the screwdriver on a metal rod and lift your office chair. After placing the tip of the screwdriver on the metal rod, push it upwards. Your chair will easily lift up.

You have just learnt how to raise your office chair without a lever!

Simple Tips For Your Office Chair

It’s always good to get some simple tips regarding your office chair. There are some simple things that you should always remember when using your office chair.

  1. This is one of the most important ones; it’s about the height adjustment of your chair. Don’t try to adjust your chair with a lot of pressure on it as you might break something in your office chair, and it will not be suitable for the mechanism of your chair.
  2. Don’t try to balance yourself on the back of your office chair; you might fall and get hurt! It’s not good to sit in an uncomfortable position while working because it will cause lots of problems for you.
  1. Keep your office clean by removing all the mess from its place so that you are always comfortable working.
  1. Don’t work for long hours; keeping short breaks will help you stay fresh and active throughout the day!
  1. If your office chair’s armrest is adjustable, it would be great if you could adjust it according to your comfort zone to sit comfortably without putting extra strain on any part of your body.
  1. Always use smooth materials like leather, wood, or synthetic fabric for the surface of your office chair because it will last much longer than other types of surfaces. Cotton cloth is not suitable to be used as a covering material for an office chair.
  1. Another important tip is that if you are working in an environment with pollution problems, you should buy an office chair with a metallic finish. Metallic office chairs will give out silver ions that will protect your body from harm in such conditions.

Why Doesn't An Office Chair Have A Lever

how to raise office chair without lever by

Office chairs without leavers are more expensive than office chairs with levers. As the name implies, it is a chair you can raise and lower using your strength. Office chairs without levers also come in a variety of adjustments like locking, swivel and rocking options.

An Office Chair without a lever gives better positioning. You need not get up from your chair and pull the lever every time you get up from the chair. An Office Chair without Levers can be raised and lowered with a foot pedal as you use in home staircases. 

These chairs are also easy to maintain and clean as no protruding metal, or plastic levers are sticking out. Office chairs without leaves are becoming common as the benefits of such a chair are obvious. These chairs can be adjusted to different heights and angles.

Raising and lowering your office chair with your strength is certainly not easy, but it gives you added exercise, which can help improve circulation and metabolism. Office chairs without levers also provide better ergonomics.

Easy Methods Used To Raise Office Chair Without Lever

1. Clockwise Rotation:

Place your hand on the armrest, take a deep breath and push up with your abdomen. Do not use force as you may break the chair. Slowly rotate it clockwise for higher adjustment or anti-clockwise to lower down.

2. Counter-clock Rotation

This is almost the same as the above method, except you need to rotate it in the anti-clockwise direction.

3. Tilting The Chair Back

how to raise office chair without lever by

You can tilt the chair back forward or backwards to adjust the height of the office chair without a lever. You can pull up or push down on both sides of the seat pan to achieve this.

4. Locking The Wheel

Ensure that the wheels are properly locked in position before raising or lowering your office chair. This method is recommended if you want to raise or lower the chair with just one hand.

5. Use Wheel Lifter

Wheel lifters are available in car accessory shops, and they act like a jack to lift up your chair without a lever. Do not use this method if you are not comfortable with it.

Office Chair Without Lever Is Ideal For Elderly

how to raise office chair without lever by

An office chair without levers can be easily raised or lowered by people who find it challenging to use conventional chairs due to medical conditions like osteoporosis, joint pains, and obesity. Raising and lowering your office chair will give you good exercise as it is not easy to do.

Office chairs without levers are ideal for people who want to sit and work at their desks for long hours, such as computer operators, secretaries and medical transcriptionists. These chairs give better ergonomics allowing you to adjust the height of your chair according to your body structure. 

It also gives good positioning of feet and arms while typing. Low-cost office chairs are also becoming popular as they can be easily adjusted for multiple users. Such chairs are sturdy, easy to clean and provide good lumbar support. 

You need not have levers sticking out of the seat pan or armrests, giving the chair a luxurious look. Office chairs without levers are more expensive compared to conventional chairs. If you are looking for an office chair without levers, choose one that is easy to function and easily adjusts to suit your requirements. 

For home use, compact chairs with low seat height are ideal. Ensure that the chair’s base is wide enough to support your weight, or else it may break down when you sit on it.


Q.Which is the most suitable height of an office chair without a lever?

The standard for an office chair with levers would be approximately 18″ to 22″ from the floor to the top of the seat. Since this does not apply to chairs without levers, there is no hard and fast rule about what is most suitable or comfortable.

The acceptable range can depend on your desk height and desired comfort. The average person would find a seat height above knee level to be most comfortable as a guide.

Q.Is it safe to use an office chair without levers?

Yes, office chairs without levers provide better and safer ergonomics than conventional chairs. They can be easily adjusted according to your body structure and comfort level without any risk of injury.

Q.Can I adjust the height of my armrests with an office chair without levers?

No, you cannot adjust the height of armrests with a chair without levers because these chairs do not have any lever to hold or lock the armrest into position. You can check for an adjustable armrest feature in case you need it.

Q.Can I raise and lower my office chair without levers when it is occupied by someone else?

Yes, you can raise or lower your office chair without levers even if somebody is sitting on it, provided that the height of armrests are the same as chair level when occupied.

Q.Can I adjust the height of my office chair without levers when it is fixed to a desk?

No, you cannot raise or lower your office chair while it is fixed to a desk because there will be no movement of wheels, and also, the armrests would not be in the correct position for lowering and raising the seat. You can check for an adjustable armrest feature in case you need it.