How To Remove Hair From Office Chair Wheels

How to remove hair from office chair!

If you have a chair in your office with wheels, you know how frustrating it can be when the hair from your pants or a chair mat gets wrapped around your office chair.

The more people who come and go with an office chair throughout the day, the worse it becomes!

This article will discuss some of the most common questions about removing hair from office chair wheels to save you time and money.

Here is the complete process to remove hairs from your office chair’s wheels then gently push and glide effortlessly.

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Tweezers And Grease

The first, simplest, and most tedious way to remove hair from chair wheels is to pry it out with tweezers. It is sufficient to use a simple pair of strong tweezers (not the kind you pull out of a Swiss army knife or heat gun) to grab chunks of hair and remove them from chair casters.

As you work on it, you will probably have to tear and break the hair from caster wheels, and it will take quite some time to get through the more hair that’s built up, but it can certainly be done by a cleaning service.

You can also use thin needle-nose pliers if you don’t want to use tweezers to your caster wheels – anything that will allow you to reach into a narrow space, grab something, and pull it away will work here.

Using a wiggle motion will loosen the strands without putting a ton of effort on caster wheels of office chairs.

The more stray hair you remove from an office chair, the easier it will be to remove the rest of it.

Duct Tape On Stick

Some people also use duct tape, or another strong adhesive tape, wrapped around the end of something thin like a razor blade or spudger removable casters.

Some of the hair will be stuck to the tape’s adhesive, and when you remove it, the hair will be pulled out with the chair upside.

Once you’ve thoroughly removed most of the hair using other methods, you can use this method as a mid-way cleanup or as a secondary method to remove the remaining hair stuck on a rolling chair.

How? This is because if the hair wraps around the axle of the caster, it is going to be pretty much stuck in place.

Duct tape will adhere to it but not have the strength to remove it. If you try to remove all of the sticky stuff hair this way, you’ll become frustrated.

Crochet Hook Or Needle

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The hook on anything small enough can reach under clumps of hair strands and pull them out. There are several ways to do this.

With a small crochet hook, you can catch hair loops pull them loose, and either remove them with burnt hair, use tweezers, or chewing gum to further pull to remove them and easy cleaning also wear gloves for your safety.

Using a needle and thread, you can weave a loop around the hair and pull it out.

This method, however, should be used with caution since if it doesn’t work to squeaky clean, you will end up with hair and thread stuck in your chair wheels, and that’s not fun.

Something as simple as a fish hook can be used to hook and remove hair from a wheel.

Their size, their sharpness, and their ability to work in tight spaces mean they can remove hair from under the hair in a small, enclosed space.

You want to be cautious not to stab yourself with a fishhook because it is very sharp and usually barbed.

Drain Cleaners

Many things, including hair, build up in the drains of showers and sinks, causing them to clog.

As a result, drain cleaning agent like silicone lubricants is powerful caustics that can completely dissolve hair and prevent rusting.

Put the casters in a bucket of cleaner a cheaper alternative (diluted or not, depending on the instructions), and let them soak for a couple of hours. If all goes according to plan, the hair should have dissolved mostly or completely by then. Get rid of the casters by rinsing them.

Furthermore, you can then “re-use” the drain cleaner by pouring it down your drain!

Take great care when handling caustic chemicals like drain cleaner. It should be used in a well-ventilated area or outdoors, and do not submerge your hands.

When retrieving the casters, use something like tongs or gloves, and rinse them off thoroughly before putting them back on the chair.

Using Razors Or Scissors

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Use something sharp to cut through hair built up in your casters if it’s very stubborn and difficult to remove.

Not the wheels can get scratched, but this will not affect the efficiency of the device, and the axle is metal and should be fine.

Take a long and sharp object, such as a pocket knife, razor blade, or Stanley knife, and slice across the hair repeatedly.

When you are cutting chunks of hair, grab those chunks with tweezers or pliers and pull them out.

Since you’re working with a sharp blade, it’s a little more dangerous than pulling at the hair normally. Make sure you don’t cut yourself or anything else you’re resting the casters on while you’re working.

Ready, Aim, Fire

Using fire is one of the easiest ways to get the hair out of chair wheels by producing flames and remove casters for cleaning process. Various types of fire can be used; blowtorches, lighters, huge flames, and heat guns are all effective on old wheels.

It is coated in a thin layer of oil and flammable, so hair curls up and burns quickly.

This method comes with a lot of cautions. You should do this outside because burning hair stinks. If you light something on fire, be very careful not to burn yourself or anything else.

You might also want to keep a bucket of water or a fire extinguisher nearby.

Hair burns much more quickly than plastic chair wheels, so letting a sufficiently hot torch linger too long may damage the wheels.

Make sure to use short bursts of flame instead of a sustained burn. You don’t want to burn the plastic or damage your chair; instead, you want the flame to burn the hair for only a split second.

Disassemble The Wheels Of The Chair

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It may be possible to remove the clumps of hair by simply disassembling the casters from the metal part of the entire office chairs.

The plastic side of many casters is simply pressed into metal axles; with the right kind of leverage or a spreader, you can pry the plastic side off.

You can remove the wheel and the nest of hair by sliding it off.

There is a possibility of damage in this “simple” solution, which is why it is the last on our list.

A wheel that has been formed and sealed will break if it is removed from the casters. You might need to replace older wheels if they have become brittle.

The potential damage here is very high, and if you fail, you’ll have to buy new casters.

Hair-Removal Cleaning And Maintenance

Having removed all the hair strands from your wheels (or most of them), you should make an effort to clean and repair the casters as necessary to extend their life.

Here are some steps you can take.

Start by washing your hands with soap and water.

The casters should then be placed in a bowl or bucket filled with warm soapy water and soaked for a few minutes.

After soaking, stir them up and take them out.

Any additional dirt, grime, or more hairs still stuck in the wheels can be removed this way.

In the event that the casters cannot be removed, a large, shallow tray or sticky objects can serve the same purpose.

Just make sure the tray is deep enough for the wheels to be submerged.

If necessary, align the wheels of the casters.

In order for a wheel to rotate smoothly, both sides of it must be evenly spaced apart from the center.

The adjustment can often be performed with your fingers, though using a pry bar or screwdriver might be necessary to exert sufficient force.

Use a lubricant to smooth out the motion of your wheel once it has been installed. It can be lubricated with either a penetrating oil or a silicone lubricant. You can use the WD40 brand to get lubricants, so make sure to get the right kind.

We Can Replace The Wheels

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Fortunately, you don’t have to clean these plastic wheels if all else fails or if you’ve read this entire post and just don’t feel like doing it.

Changing the casters on most office chairs is one of the simplest and easiest tasks.

As long as your chair doesn’t have casters built-in – which is not common -, you can remove them with a pry bar and replace them.


If you have a chair in your office with wheels, you know how frustrating it can be when the hair from your pants gets wrapped around them.

The more people who come and go throughout the day, the worse it becomes!

One of these methods should work for most types of hair that are stuck on office chair wheels. If not, remember that there are always other options available.