How To Remove Office Chair Cylinder

How to remove the office chair cylinder?

It sounds like an easy query, but the answer is not so simple.

Office chairs are designed to be ergonomic and comfortable for long periods of time, which means they have a lot of parts that need to work together.

If you’re concerned about the sinking of your office chair, you’ve come to the correct place.

This would mostly be experienced by office employees who are used to raising their seats in order to compensate for the height of their working tables.

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The height of your office chair is not adjusted correctly, which is causing this problem. However, there’s no need to spend more money on a new office chair since the gas lift cylinder in your current one may be replaced.

The considerable thing is that you don’t have to pay someone to do it for you.

Follow our subsequent tutorial on how to replace the chair cylinders, and you’ll be able to do it yourself with minimal cost by just obtaining a new chair gas cylinder.

In this article, we will discuss how to remove office chair gas cylinder in a safe and effective way, as mentioned above!

Instruments Required

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  • Rubber gloves
  • A raw piece of cloth
  • Wrench or screwdriver
  • Rubber mellet
  • WD-40 spray

Steps To Remove Cylinder

Here is a step-by-step tutorial on how to restore your chair so that it looks brand new again.

Ensure Protection

Always wear long rubber gloves to prevent harm to your hands and arms before you begin. Finally, lay out some old papers or ragged clothing on the floor to prevent stains and impact damage from the floor work.

Then, position your chair upside down on the secure flooring to begin.

Pull Out A Chair Cylinder

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For this, you’ll need your pipe wrench. Clamp the pipe wrench handle as tightly as possible around the cylinder near the mechanism.

When the pipe wrench quarter has been firmly secured, turn it by quarter until it comes free to remove an office chair old cylinder.

You’ll need a screwdriver to remove and replace your cylinder if it’s screwed on.

Take Out Chair Base

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To remove the gas cylinder from the office chair base, turn the base upside down. Ensure that your feet are clear of the danger zone and that the flooring is adequately covered to avoid damage.

On the ground, strike the rear of the base with a rubber mallet to pop out the cylinder. A hammer may also be utilized if required, but it is more likely to cause damage.

If the cylinder refuses to come out, spray it with some WD-40 and leave it for a while. Now give the mallet a good whack to see how stubbornness vanishes from the cylinder.

Replace The New Cylinder

Finally, we arrive at the most straightforward activity; inserting the new office chair replacement cylinder into the base.

Make sure you get a new cylinder with a suitable office chair piston four to ten inches high that is appropriate for your chair.

To build:

  • Place the base on the floor upright.
  • Insert the new cylinder into the base.
  • Align the hole in the mechanism of the seat with that of the base.

Finally, sit in the chair to fasten the mechanism. Allow it to settle down for a few minutes.

There you have it: a new, working chair. Now customize the seat as needed or roll on it how you like.

Enjoy New Chair After Repairing

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You should feel satisfied with the repair job of the chair’s cylinder you just completed to increase seat height. You not only saved money by not purchasing a piece of new chair furniture, but you also helped to minimize recyclable waste by not buying a new one.

The chair is prepared to have its seat reconditioned, allowing you to concentrate on the task without experiencing neck or eye strain.


We think that this information will assist anybody who is seeking to get rid of a problem without spending a lot of money on this step-by-step guide.

Such actions also make one more self-reliant and solution-oriented rather than materialistic.

It’s easy to replace the components of daily-use devices, but changing an entire machine and bringing in a new one is more difficult.

However, when purchasing chairs in quantity for the workplace, splurge liberally rather than saving a few pennies because it will cost far more in other areas.


Is it possible to repair office chairs?

If your office chair’s lift mechanism is broken, but the upholstery seems to be in good shape, don’t throw it out yet.

Repair it! You can change your office chair’s gas cylinder yourself for about $40 (one source for chair parts is The lift mechanism needs to be rebuilt in two stages.

Is it possible for a chair to explode?

Finally, because the manufacturing rules are so tight, it’s rare for an office or gaming chair to explode; nevertheless, it has occurred previously.

Yes, it’s conceivable that the gas cylinders in most modern chairs will explode.

How does a gas cylinder for a chair function?

The single-acting cylinder or gas (air) spring filled with air is used in the pneumatic chair.

When the lever mechanism is activated, the air chamber is connected to a plunger or piston that moves into or out of the chamber.

The plunger drives the air forward, compressing it even more. When the piston is released, the air expands.

Why is my chair rocking?

The tension knob adjusts the firmness of your office chair’s rocking mechanism.

If you have the rolling function enabled, you’ll want the tension knob to be as tight as possible while still allowing for reasonable rocking movement.

The rocking tilt will be difficult to use if it’s too tight.