How To Reupholster An Office Chair

How To Reupholster An Office Chair!

Do you want to keep your office chairs but need a new look?

This article is for you. How to reupholster an office chair can be intimidating, especially if it’s the first time.

But with some guidance and knowledge of what to expect, this project becomes less daunting.

In this post, we’ll walk through the process step by step so that you can decide if reupholstering your old office chair is right for you.

Required Items

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  • Excess fabric (anything thick and sturdy)
  • A chair
  • Screwdriver set
  • Pliers
  • Scissors
  • Stapler – regular staple gun
  • Eye protection
  • Spray glue
  • Needle nose pliers
  • Wood backing
  • Seat cushions
  • Foam layer

Here is the complete process on how to reupholster an office chair which we have concluded by reading the articles of experts:

Find Chair That Needs Reupholstering

Decide if you want to know how to reupholster an office chair yourself. If not, look into hiring a professional or take it to an upholstery shop or work space.

If you do decide that this task is for you but don’t have any experience with working on chairs,  with seat cushions start by looking at some chairs that are in better condition than what you have but could still use some work.

This will give you a chance to watch someone else do it for the first time and learn from their mistakes.

If this is your first time reupholstering an office chair seat cushion, start with something simple without too many details screw holes, or buttons/trim.

Search through local classifieds, thrift stores, or garage sales. You can find a lot of great vintage pieces (fabric covering) at reasonable prices this way.

People often sell these items because they don’t know how to reupholster them – so pick one up and get started to make a new office chair with outdoor fabrics!

Picking out the right fabric tightly and materials (seat cushion) is half of the reupholstering process.

You’ll need an array of tools, including all the staples guns, pliers, and hammers, to complete the project of new upholstery.

Take The Chair Apart

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Start by removing all of the deep set screws on your office desk chair using a drill/screwdriver so you can separate each piece and plan out how to reupholster it best (finished chair).

When working with an older chair, there will often be damaged or broken pieces that need replacing and create wrinkles.

Remove Old Fabric From Chair

The first step with older chairs is to remove the old fabric from each piece. This can be done using a screwdriver or simple pliers if there are staples holding it in place.

Be careful when working around buttons, zippers, and trims as these pieces may get damaged during removal – this could also make reupholstering more difficult.

If the old fabric is in good condition, you can reuse it and recycle it for another project (e.g., make a sewing required throw pillow or chair cover).

Locate New Fabric Cover

Finding your favorite office chair upholstery supplies doesn’t have to be complicated with so many stores carrying these products today.

If you are looking for something unique, try visiting local craft stores to browse through the selection. Online resources are also great if you want to shop from home or your office chair upholstery supplies warehouse in bulk.

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Reupholster Each Piece Of Old Office Chair

Now that everything is apart and ready to be reupholstered fabric tight, you need to find some fabric back cushion that matches your style and personality DIY projects.

The best way is to bring the old piece of office chair with you when shopping for new materials so it can be matched perfectly and smooth fit. You don’t want anything too flashy or busy on older office chair cushions because it will distract from the design.

Once you have the right fabric, cut it to size and use your staple gun or handy pliers to attach each piece of material firmly in place. If you need to reupholster or replace multiple pieces, an extra pair of hands may be needed.

Fabric Is Long Enough For All Sides

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If you are looking for smooth fabric to reupholster your office chair, it’s important that you measure each piece before making a purchase.

If you do not have any measuring tape on hand when shopping online or at an upholstery supply store, ask someone working there if they can help with this task instead of guessing measurements.

If you are not able to find the right size fabric, consider getting creative by cutting it up and piecing together several different shapes of fabrics.

This will require a lot of extra time but can be done if necessary – make sure that your reupholstered chair looks tight cohesive when finished!

You may need to use a staple gun to attach the different pieces together (putting or pulling) before reupholstering.

It is important that you have enough fabric for all sides of your office chair because it will be visible when finished, and you want to avoid having staples/buttons show from any angles.

You may need an extra set of hands or a helper when reupholstering to make sure all sides are covered.

For an armchair, be sure there is enough fabric for the front and both arms/sides of the chair.

After measuring the right size fabric, cut it using a pair of scissors or your favorite craft knife – depending on what type of fabric you use.

It’s important to cut the pieces so they are slightly larger than what is needed because they can always be trimmed down later using a straight edge and craft knife.

When cutting, keep in mind that extra material will need to be tucked underneath when reupholstering your office chair – this ensures that your upholstery project looks seamless.

If your fabric is too long, fold it over the back of your chair before stapling – this will ensure that everything stays in place and gets attached firmly to the frame without any extra effort

Sew Or Staple On New Fabric

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Once you have cut your fabric to size, it’s time to attach the material.

It is important that there is enough overlap (too much fabric) around all sides of your office chair so that staples/stitches are hidden from view.

For armchairs, be sure you have an extra inch added on for this step in case any extra material is needed to attach around the new upholstery chair’s arms.

When reupholstering your office chair, you may want an extra set of hands or a helper for this step because it can be difficult and time-consuming if done alone.

It is easier to use staples (or nails), but some people prefer stitches and are more skilled at this.

Staples or nails can be used to attach the fabric with a staple gun, hammer, and small finishing nails/nails – make sure you are following the upholstery instructions provided for your tools of choice.

Once you have attached all pieces of material, it’s time to sit back and enjoy your new chair!

Put Staples In Place And Then Sew Them Down To Secure

Staples or stitches can be used to attach the new fabric to your office chair.

It is easier and faster to use staples, but some people prefer stitching the material together.

For reupholstering an armchair, you may want help with this step because it is difficult and time-consuming if done alone – make sure to add enough extra fabric so that your stitches are hidden.

For an armchair, you will need to sew along the front and both sides of the chair – this ensures there is no visible stitching or staples on any angles once finished.

Once stapled into place with a staple gun, go back over each staple and secure it with a finishing nail.

This will ensure that the staples are sturdy and don’t come undone once your chair is reupholstered.

Dye Your Newly Upholstered Chair

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Once you have upholstered your office chair, it may be time to add a new color.

Dying fabric is an easy way to change the look and feel of your reupholstered furniture piece without having to buy entirely new material.

There are many dye options available in stores or online – just make sure to follow the instructions for your chosen dye product.

Once dyed, add a sealant or wax treatment (optional) before using and enjoy!

Depending on how much you want to change the look of your chair after reupholstering it, there are many options available: from dying fabric with a textile dye or paint-based product to adding a wax treatment (or sealant) on top of your dye.

When finished, enjoy and start using your newly reupholstered office chair!


To reupholster an office chair (including adding material, staples, or stitches and dyeing the fabric). It is important that there is enough overlapping of fabric around all sides of your furniture piece so that staples/stitches are hidden from view.

Once you have upholstered your office chair, it may be time to add a new color to feel reupholstered furniture piece without having to buy entirely new material.

And you can enjoy your chair.


Is it possible to reupholster a chair by myself?

Yes, you can. Simply pull a few staples and begin again. Reupholstering is an excellent method to breathe new life into old furniture or even stale spaces.

The materials are quite inexpensive, the equipment is straightforward, and it’s a project that anyone can complete successfully.

Is it possible to re-finish an office chair?

The quickest method to change the colour of an office chair is to use spray paint. I positioned a tarp on my deck and sprayed the chair outside.

I placed the cushions on at first but then took them off so I could apply paint to all of the chair’s nooks. With a screwdriver, the cushions come off very simply.

What fabric is usually found on office chairs?

In an office, mesh fabric is frequently utilized. The fabric of mesh adapts to the body form, so it’s as comfortable as ever.

It’s light, comfy, and highly breathable, allowing air to flow around the user freely. It also ensures that the wearer remains cool and dry.

How do you make a cover for a chair?

Place the sheet over the chair

Pinch one side, safety pin it from top to bottom down the side, and fold over the other.

Wrap the ribbon around the chair’s base, where the backing meets the seat.

Tuck the ribbon around the base and make a large bow in the back