How To Ship An Office Chair

How to ship the office chair!

Do I have to disassemble it first? How much will this cost me? These are just some of the questions that people ask themselves when deciding whether or not they should ship their office chair.

Furniture shipping of an office chair can be a difficult task, but you’ll find that it’s easier than you think if you follow these simple guidelines on shipping the office chairs or shipping cost.

This article will cover the following topics:

Disassembling your office chair, Packing materials, and supplies needed for shipping your office chairs.

What shipping service is available for shipping office chairs or other furniture shipping?

Select Box Enough To Fit Chair And Cushion

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Select a box that is large enough to fit the chair and cushion for furniture shipping or shipping services.

Ensure there is adequate space around it for proper cushioning material, such as bubble wrap shipping boxes or packing peanuts.

You can purchase boxes from your local post office, reliable company, or shipping store, but you could also use cardboard boxes you have lying around at home.

Also, note that you may need to purchase an additional box if moving an office chair with a pedestal cross country.

Place Chair On Its Side

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Place the chair on its side, with one arm facing up to start shipping.

Ensure insurance coverage that you’ve removed any accessories such as a computer or other item that may be attached to it, and then wrap the entire office chair in a blanket wrap or packing paper.

You can use just about anything cheapest way for cushioning material shipping options to other countries: old clothes, newspapers, towels…etc., but don’t use anything that may leave residues, such as sand or kitty litter.

The thing you want is for your office chair package shipped to arrive with a sandy film all over it!

Partially Fill The Box

Fill in any gaps between the armrests and other areas where there might be open space.

It is important not to have items shift or slide during transit, so filling the box to the maximum will reduce the chances of this happening.

Close The Top Of Box

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After you’ve filled out any gaps within the carton with cushioning material, close and tape shut its lid.

You don’t want anything coming out of the box during transit, so make sure you’ve taped it up well.

Fold The Cushion

Fold the cushion in half lengthwise and place it at an angle across the back of the chair shipments transportation courier. Make sure you do this with both armrests down so they don’t slip out later on during transit!

Then wrap your table office chair up again if necessary before placing it into another carton for delivery.

Ensure that there are no gaps left anywhere, and then seal and label the carton.

If you’re shipping a chair back to an office supply store, simply follow their instructions for how they’d like the chairs packed up.

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Slide Cardboard Pieces

Slide cardboard pieces (or anything else you have handy) under each leg to keep them from sticking out.

This is especially important if the office chair has wheels, as they may get damaged during transit if left exposed and unprotected!

Then wrap your entire box in either more of that packing paper or bubble wrap before sealing it up with tape.

Shipping your office chairs is easy with any shipping company, but make sure they provide full insurance.

You don’t want anything happening to them en route!

Be aware that some companies may require the boxes to be labeled “Fragile” or “This Side Up.” Be sure to follow their instructions if this is required of you.

Fill Gaps Between The Folded Cushions

Fill any gaps in between the folded cushions with packing material.

You don’t want anything shifting around during transit, so make sure you’ve filled them as much as possible!

Then simply tape shut and label your carton before moving on to step eight.

Ensure that if shipping more than one office chair, they’re all labeled correctly (such as “Chair # One” and “Chair # Two”) so they don’t get mixed up during transit!

Tape All Four Sides Securely

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Tape all four sides securely, making sure they are tight, and there is no space for air or items inside to move around.

Then seal and label your carton before moving on to step nine.

Be careful when packing up the office chair in a way that it’s not too heavy for you or anyone else helping you lift them into the truck. You don’t want to injure yourself or anyone else trying to move the chair!

You can also use your own tape for this, but it’s best not to use masking/painter’s tape as they aren’t designed for long-term storage and may leave a sticky residue on your office chairs when you unpack them.


Wishing you the best of luck shipping your office chairs! If you have any questions, be sure to leave us a comment below, and we’ll do our best to help way to ship.

Cut the cushion in two lengthwise and place it at an angle across the back of your office chair. Ensure this is done with both armrests down, so they don’t slip out later! Then save and wrap up the office chairs of clients or ship them inside another box which is not costly if needed before sealing it securely.


How much does shipping a workplace chair cost?

Shipping a workstation chair will vary from $20 to over $100+. Smaller, knocked-down chairs will cost between $20 and $40 to transport, while fully assembled big and tall seats may cost up to money $100.

This is comparable to the packaging in terms of shipping costs since they have a far bigger impact on cheaper chairs.

What is the best way to present a chair?

Cover the chair’s top with a blanket. The blanket may then be secured using packing tape.

It’s recommended that you wind up packing tape around the chair to prevent it from coming off. Chair legs should be wrapped in bubble wrap and wound diagonally, making sure they’re really tightly wound and secure.

What should you do if your furniture must be moved?

When it comes to transporting your furniture without causing any damage, bubble wrap and plastic sheeting are two of the greatest resources you have.

To protect delicate wood components, utilize bubble wrap. Plastic wrap or sofa covers made specifically for this purpose should be used to safeguard your upholstery furnishings.