What is a club chair!

The most comfortable chair you can ever get: What comes into your mind when you think of club chairs? Most people relate the term to high-class and luxurious furniture.

Any person would love to have one in their home because it simply looks fantastic. As compared to other types of chairs, these are more expensive; however, they are worth the price because of their comfort and long-lasting features.

Club chairs are also known as button back chairs, button-tufted armchairs, wingback chairs, Boston rockers. These types of seats are stylishly designed to provide the utmost comfort to users.

Compared to other chairs like dining room chairs, they are beautifully accented with buttons and armrests.

They look very attractive and elegant because of the button accents placed on their backrests, which is why they are ideal for living rooms, homes, or even offices.

The material used to make a club chair is typically made from strong wood such as mahogany, Birchwood, oak, maple, beech and elm. They are made of the finest wood known to be very durable, making club chairs an investment.

Structure Of Club Chair

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A unique arc-shaped backrest design provides great support to your back while sitting on it, which alleviates body stress.

Comfortably padded armrests are included in club chairs for extra convenience, especially when you get up from the seat, making it ideal for people who have long working hours or get home late at night after a long day of work.

Elegant button accents placed on the backrests are another reason why club chairs have caught the attention of many people, especially business-minded individuals or homeowners who want to add a touch of elegance to their homes during special occasions.

The legs and feet of a club chair are designed from high-quality materials that are made to last for a long time, making club chairs an investment.

Wood is the primary material used in making club chairs which are designed using advanced machines that have made it possible to produce more pieces within a short span of time, especially during special occasions where they are being bought in bulk.

Leather is used in club chairs for a luxurious look, but it comes with an expensive price tag, especially when customizations are being made to add more color, designs, or even patterns making them stand out among the rest.

The material used to make cushion seats for club chairs today comes in different colors and prints, adding a touch of style and uniqueness, making them more attractive, especially among people who want their homes or offices to stand out.

Types Of Club Chair

1. Armless Club Chairs

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As the name suggests, this type of chair does not have armrests, making it ideal for individuals who want to stretch their legs.

This type of club chair is perfect if you’re working alone and have no need to confide with other people because of its basic features that meet your needs, making it a great option, mainly if you have limited space in your home or office.

2. Armrest Club Chairs

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This type of chair is made up of armrests that can be adjusted according to your preference, making it convenient for people who want extra support as they work, eat or watch TV.

They come with enough space between the armrests to stretch your legs, making it ideal if most of your time is spent at home.

3. Wingback Club Chairs

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These chairs are beautifully designed with a backrest that can be adjusted according to your preference which means that it has extra leg support making it even more comfortable to sit on.

This type of club chair is ideal for people with additional support needs and has a higher price tag than the other types making it difficult for most homeowners to purchase this kind of club chair if they do not have enough budget.

4. Swivel Club Chairs

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This type of club chair comes with a swivel feature making it easy to get in and out of your seat while working at the office or watching television at home. 

Swivel club chairs are made with smooth-rolling materials that make it easy for you to move without making a lot of noise, making them stand out among other types of chairs, especially when you have guests over.

5. Wooden Club Chairs

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Club chairs that are mainly made with wood are by far the most popular type of club chair available today, especially when customizations like staining and painting are done to make them look appealing.

Wooden club chairs come in different designs, sizes, and colours, making it easy for individuals who have a home or office that fits their style, making it an ideal option.

6. Faux Leather Club Chairs

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Faux leather club chairs are similar to leather club chairs. The only difference is that faux leather is used in its place, which makes it more suitable for individuals who want an alternative material that comes at an affordable price. 

This type of chair is easy to clean, especially when spills happen on it, which means that you can maintain the quality of your club chair no matter how often you use it.

7. Club Chair Cushions

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Cushion seats for club chairs today come in different colours and prints, making them more appealing than ever before, especially if you want to bring a touch of style to your home or office.

Club chair cushions are currently available in different materials like synthetic leather, cotton, and many more. It is easy to bring your style to your club chair with the help of customizations like covers and slipcovers.

8. Club Chair Customization:

Customizing your club chair today has never been this easy, especially if you want something unique and truly reflects your personality.

Club chair customizations can add a touch of comfort, style, and uniqueness, making it the perfect way to make your club chairs stand out in your home or office.

Properties Of Club Chair

  • Durable
  • Elegant appearance
  • Great comfort level
  • Space saver considering its multipurpose use in rooms or offices.
  • Can sit for hours without feeling tired or uncomfortable, making it ideal for people who have long working hours because of its design which provides excellent support to the back and head that increases blood circulation and alleviates body stress.
  • Reasonably priced and worth the price considering its excellent quality.
  • More customizations can be done to make club chairs more attractive, making them more popular in homes and offices, especially among business-minded individuals looking for ways to increase their productivity or creativity during brainstorming sessions, meetings, or seminars.
  • Made from high-quality materials that are designed to last for a long time, which is ideal for busy people who have little or no time to spend doing household chores such as refurbishing their rooms every now and then because of its durability feature.

Uses Of A Club Chair

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Ideal for bedrooms.

Ideal for living rooms where it can be used as a stylish accent to complement the entire look of the room set up.

It is ideal for offices or business rooms, especially during meetings, brainstorming sessions, seminars, and other kinds of gatherings with clients, which require utmost comfort while attending to them because of its great features.

Ideal for lobbies or waiting rooms where it can provide comfort to guests waiting to be called by their respective clients.

Ideal for family rooms especially during leisure time, TV viewing and even reading a book because of its great features which provide the most comfort.

Club chairs nowadays come in different colors and sizes, adding to their popularity and so they can be used in any room where they will fit perfectly because of their fabulous looks.

Suggestions On How To Keep Your Club Chair Clean

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Be sure to always check the warranty of your club chairs before buying one or before having them refurbished because some dealers in club chairs will only offer the guarantee in case they do the refurbishing.

Be sure to check on the materials used when having your club chair refurbished or cleaned because some dealers might use low-quality materials that can easily wear away with time, so it is important to have them checked before you have them cleaned or cleaned refurbished.

Be sure to dry clean your club chairs often to remove any dirt or stains that accumulate on them, especially if you use them frequently, making it easier for the dirt to stick to the fabric over time, making cleaning more difficult.

When buying your club chairs, be sure to check on the stitching carefully so as to ensure that it is done properly, especially if you are planning on having them cleaned or refurbished because poorly stitched club chairs can easily unravel apart after being cleaned or refurbished making them look shabby.

Keep your club chair in an area where there’s ample sunlight to prevent dirt from accumulating, which also makes the fabric fade away over time.

Regularly polish your chair to maintain its sheen and prevent dirt from sticking to the fabric, making cleaning more difficult, especially when the dirt has already settled in after some time.

Final Words

Club chairs come in different colors and styles, but the common feature of them all is their elegant appearance making them a great addition to your home or even office.

At present, club chair prices vary depending on the size, color, and material used to make them, especially if they are customized with additional features that can affect the price tag attached to them.

In closing, club chairs are a great choice for people who want a home or office furniture that is not only elegant but comfortable, especially when you sit on them for long hours because of its back support feature.


Q. What are the benefits of having a club chair in your home or office?

A:Club chairs are comfortable to sit for long hours, making them ideal for homes where there are people who work at home. 

It adds elegance to any room because of its appearance, making it a great choice if you want to impress your guests, especially during special occasions requiring formal gatherings.

Club chairs are also known as accent chairs because their added features make them different from an ordinary chair or sofa, making them a great addition to your home and office.

It is also made from a high-quality material that can last for a long time, so instead of buying new furniture now and then, club chairs can be an alternative, especially if you want to save money.

Q. What are the different types of club chairs?

A:There are different types of club chairs because they can come with different features, making them distinct, but the most common type is the armchair which comes with an armrest at both ends, making it suitable for people who want to sit sideways while reading a book. 

On the other hand, a club chair can come with an armrest at one end, which makes it suitable for people who want to sit sideways while watching TV.

Q. What are some of the uses of club chairs?

A:Club chairs today are not only used by people who want to relax and recline because they are a great addition to homes and offices if you want your home or office to stand out from the rest.

Club chairs can be used by people who work at home since they are comfortable enough to sit on for long hours, making you feel relaxed whenever you sit on them during break time.

Club chairs can also be used in cafes and restaurants where there are people who want to have a cup of coffee while reading a book or even notebook laptops.

Q. How much is a club chair?

A:The price of a club chair varies depending on the size, colour, material used to make it and most especially if it is customized with additional features which can affect the price tag attached to it. So if you want a more expensive club chair, expect it to have additional features such as added padding or maybe high back support.

On the other hand, if you want an inexpensive club chair because of its simpler design, do not expect it to be customized with additional features because, in this case, the price would be the only difference.