Task chairs are the key players of your office or workspace ergonomics.

The term task chair refers to chairs that can be used for a large range of activities and body types. With or without arms, these popular, low-backed chairs are often found in an office or academic setting.

A good chair at work can help you stay productive and help your body feel better. Making sure your office has the right chairs is a crucial part of workspace ergonomics. In spite of this, it’s often overlooked. These blind spots were specifically addressed by task chairs.


Task chairs are sometimes termed as “steno chairs,” since they were originally used by stenographers, and by employees in a typing pool or a secretarial capacity.

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While selecting a task chair you should check these qualities below:

  • Promotes good body posture
  • It should be functional, promotive, and productive for workers
  • Highly versatile
  • Adjusted to accommodate multiple body types
  • Adjusted without tools
  • Rolls and swivels are easy
  • Fits the height of a desk or anything
  • Breathable upholstery
  • Sitting or getting up is quick and easy


The task chairs are useful for a wide variety of people, and can be found in a wide variety of work spaces and workstations. Since they are easy to slide under a desk and are generally relatively inexpensive, they are desirable for students and are common in dorm rooms, student computer facilities, or libraries.

Benefits of a task chair

The task chair provides you benefits like,

Minimize (shoulder, back, hip) pain

 Task chairs encourage an ergonomic posture that eases shoulder, hip, and back strain.

Professional environment

 Your office space will look more unified and professional by using task chairs. Each workstation should have the same chair to avoid leaving an impression that is cluttered or disorganized, which might discourage prospective employees and clients.

Office space efficiency

 In contrast to large executive chairs, task chairs are meant to fit under desks.

Productivity in the working environment: 

Especially for workers who work from various locations, task chairs help keep the workspace uniform, so they always know what to expect.

Types of task chairs

Chairs come in a variety of styles and prices, and they all have different features. Consider these factors when choosing a task chair for your office:


Most task chairs are height-adjustable using a lever. There are however some chairs that do not have multi-tilt mechanisms.

With or without armrests

When buying a task chair for individuals that do a lot of typing, choosing one with armrests may be a good investment. When your task chair will be used in a common office space, such as a conference room or brainstorming think tank, task chairs without arms will more than suffice.

Head off neck fatigue with a headrest

A task chair should have optional headrests if it is going to be used for intensive tasks like proofreading. By tilting your head forward to read documents, you can help encourage a more upright posture and prevent “crane strain” on the neck and upper back.

Comparison Between Office and Task chair

The ergonomics and comfort of task chairs may provide benefits to those with back pain, such as those suffering from chronic back pain. 

A standard office chair will come with basic features like height and tilt adjustments as well as a swivel base. Typically, a task chair will have a height-adjustable seat, an adjustable lumbar support, and an adjustable armrest. 

There are also two types of task chairs: fabric and mesh, or a mix of the two. The fabrics provide a soft place to sit while the mesh back allows air to circulate, keeping you at the right temperature all year round. 

Chairs for the office range in price from around £50 upwards. An average task chair starts at about £150 and varies up to about £200-300. 


What do you mean by task chair?

Task Chairs intended for short-term use are small, without arms, and usually designed for short periods of time; mid-back chairs are larger, have arms, and are more ergonomic; and executive chairs have the most supple, ergonomic cushions and the greatest back support.

What is good sitting posture on a task chair?

The seat height of task chairs should be easily adjustable. This can be accomplished by using a pneumatic adjustment lever.

To ensure a comfortable fit, the seat should either be wide enough or deep enough to accommodate users of all heights.

Why is a task chair different from a gaming chair?

Gaming chairs, pound for pound, are slightly more ergonomic than expensive task chairs. In fact, even a cheap gaming chair comes with the basic elements of a good ergonomic chair, such as lumbar pillows, sturdy reclining, a backrest, and 2D or 3D armrests.

Is a task chair good for sitting for a long time?

As the term task chair told us that this chair is preferred for short term or small tasks. So it is not considered the best for sitting for a long time in work ergonomics or at home.