What Is Knob On Bottom Of Office Chair For!

An office chair can be an exciting purchase if it’s your first. Finally, you can work for hours at your desk with the utmost comfort.

There is also a soft cushion, a backrest, an arm, and a headrest, as well as easy movement.

While sitting at your desk, the knobs under the chair will make you feel very relaxed.

Perhaps you’re wondering what all those knobs on your office chair are for if you’re new. You may also need to take into account the knobs when choosing an office chair.

The following are the top 5 office chair knobs.

This section describes the project, what it is for, where it is located, and how to use it.

So let’s have a look at them!

Common Knobs Under An Office Chair

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I would point out that the knobs we have mentioned in this article may not be part of your office chair. There are hundreds of designs and types of office chairs on the market.

However, since we’re talking about the most common ones, it’s likely your office chair will have one, or even all, of these knobs.

Last but not least. There might be the same mechanics in your office chair, but it is located somewhere else. The chair might also be shaped differently.

Tilt Tension In Chair

what is knob on bottom of office chair for by bestchairshop.com

Have you ever felt the need to recline in your chair for a short break from your computer?

The tilt tension of the office chair now allows you to do so!

You can adjust the tension of the chair by turning this knob. The knob must also be lowered to reduce the tension, causing the office chair to rock. To increase the tension, turn the knob the other way if you want it to lock at a certain position, such as a little bit reclined.

Since the knob has a + and – marking, you know which way to turn it.

Using a Channellock or a wrench, you can adjust the knob if it’s hard to turn.

Under the seat, toward the front, is where the chair tilt tension is most commonly found. The knob is usually the biggest one. Nevertheless, some office chairs provide tilt tension at the side of the chair, either as a knob or even as a crank.

That’s why this is a great office chair mechanic to have because you can determine the tilt that’s most comfortable for you.

Adjust Height

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There is nothing more annoying than selecting an office chair that is too short or too tall for your height by mistake or lack of knowledge.

Several hours of sitting on it will result in your legs and feet feeling a lot of pressure. I have noticed this more often than not.

The height adjustment knob is another of the most common office chair mechanics. With this knob, you can individually adjust the chair’s height.

For easier access, the height adjustment knob sticks out of the side of the seat. The knob in the middle is usually the one that sticks out if many knobs are sticking out.

Pull the knob while adding weight to make the seat sink if you want to lower the height. You can heighten it again by pulling on the knob, but this time, do not add weight. It’s that simple.

The mechanism works by attaching the knob to a hydraulic or pneumatic metal shaft below the seat. This shaft allows the seat to move upwards and downwards.

Eventually, the metal shaft and knob cease to function, which is something that always happens over time. Office chairs always sink when sat upon. Learn how to fix this problem if it happens to your office chair by clicking here.

With this knob, you don’t have to worry about whether your office chair is too short or too tall for you.

Adjustment Of Back Height

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If the height of your office chair is fine, but the back support is too high or too low for you, how can you adjust it?

Is your office chair’s backrest bulging to accommodate your lower back, but it’s too high or low for you to relax?

For that, there is a knob, too!

This knob is located under the backrest. After you release tension, adjust the backrest to the height that is most comfortable for you. Adjust the knob until you find the right position.

In newer chair models, the height adjustment is usually controlled by a ratchet rather than a knob.

In this case, you can adjust the backrest by pulling upwards while placing your hands on the base of the backrest. As the height pawl locks onto the ratchet with each pull, you’ll hear a clicking sound.

Slide down the backrest after pulling it all the way up until it no longer clicks.

Ratchets have fixed heights, so use them at your own risk. You can adjust the knob’s height to suit your needs.

However, the ratchet technique is easier to adjust.

Adjustment Of Seat Angle

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In order to keep your spine upright and have good posture whilst sitting for hours in your office chair, it’s best to maintain an upright position with an arched back.

Even if your office chair’s backrest bulges, the seat angle still plays an important role in ensuring an upright posture.

The first knob sticking out from the front controls the seat angle adjustment.

By turning this knob clockwise, the front of the seat will dropdown. Similarly, if you turn it counterclockwise, the dropdown will be on the back of the seat.

Office chairs usually allow the seat to be tilted forward or backward by 6° or 3° respectively.

Adjust Seat Depth

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In addition to promoting good posture, the seat depth adjustment also helps with lumbar support.

It also ensures that your legs’ circulation isn’t slowed down.

Having your knee touch the seat might reduce blood circulation if there is pressure on the knee. Also, keep the back of your knees from being too far from the seat to avoid backaches.

It is best to leave a distance of at least 2 fingers between your knee and the seatback.

Adapting the seat depth on your office chair is easy if it has one.

This knob is the only one on the left side, so you won’t have a problem finding it.

When you lift the knob, the seat will move inward and outward.


Here are the five most common knobs under an office chair.

They’re all there to make your office chair the perfect fit for you.

See what knobs you have on your office chair.

When purchasing a new office chair, look for the knobs that will give you the most comfort and the best posture.


What does each lever on an office chair do?

The seat of an ergonomic office chair can be adjusted horizontally or slightly angled. The lever for this is usually found on the right side toward the back.

Maintaining a good posture while sitting horizontally or sloping backward provides a comfortable, relaxing position.

What does tilt lock in a chair mean?

While in an upright position, the tilt function is disabled.


If tilt locks are used, the user will sit in an upright position for keyboarding, but if rocking/reclining is requested during meetings, phone calls, or reading, the user will remain comfortable.

What causes office chairs to wobble?

You most likely need to replace your control mechanism if your seat wobbles where your pneumatic cylinder connects to your control mechanism.

If the seat wobbles at the point where your pneumatic cylinder meets your control mechanism, your control mechanism is most likely defective and needs to be replaced.

How does the center-tilt mechanism work?

The tilt mechanism has been extended to cover more area of the seat ply, providing maximum support.

Locking and up/down adjustment are controlled by a single lever. This facilitates easy use of the chair.

Several horizontal movements of the lever to engage and disengage the lock when the lever is upright.