What Is Lumbar Support

The term “lumbar” refers to your back or lower back or lumbar support pillow in a office chair.

An extra layer of support for the lower back region or back pain is known as a lumbar support in an office chair. 

There are five vertebrae between the diaphragm and sacrum in the lumbar region of the spine lower back pain, representing the lower back region in an office chair.

It is no less of a curse to suffer from lower back pain in the lumbar region.

But you are not alone in facing this situation of lower back pain in an ergonomic office chair.

Many people are suffering from this lower back pain in the office chairs.

But don’t worry, if you are a person who is sitting on an ergonomic office chair for a longer period of time with natural curvature, there are chairs with good lumbar support that can help you in reducing your back pain because back support is important in such cases.

What is a Lumbar Support In Office Chairs?

The Office Chairs are available in a variety of styles, sizes, and back support.

It’s better to choose the office chair that provides the most comfort to natural curvature and lumbar spine while sitting in poor posture.

Back pain can be reduced by supporting your back lumbar spine poor posture in an ergonomic office chair.

In most cases, you spend the majority of your day in the car, chair, and office.

It is therefore essential to make sure that you feel comfortable while driving and working in an office.

A chair with lumbar support is better than a chair without one.

If your chair does not have one, use one with lumbar support instead.

With its additional support helps and comforts, your lower back will be much more comfortable, and you can perform your work for hours with ease and for longer durations.

Types of Lumbar Support In an Office Chair?

There are different types of lumbar supports in an office chair.

Some are fixed, some are adjustable, and some are external support to comfort your back while working.

Let’s discuss each in detail.

Fixed Lumbar Back Support

Having fixed positions, they are unable to move. You cannot change the back support position (Vertically, Horizontally) in an office chair.

These are basically rigid (back support). It can be found on the lower portion of office chairs.

Adjustable Lumbar Support

Back support can be adjusted according to your desire/need in an office chair.

You can move it vertically and horizontally to adjust its position (back support), when you feel it is in the perfect position you can easily lock it in an office chair.

1. Height Adjustable

There are different types of lumbar supports in an office chair.

Some are fixed, some are adjustable, and some are external support helps’ to your comfort spine back pain.

Let’s discuss each in detail.

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2. Depth Adjustment

It allows how much you want lumbar support to protrude outward. It helps you to adjust the depth of the lumbar support according to your body back’s size position in an office chair.

In some chairs it is adjusted automatically with respect to your back, on the other hand, some chairs do have an assigned knob for this purpose in an office chair.

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3. Firmness Adjustment

In this, you can adjust the proper firmness or softness of your lumbar support.

It is usually done with a knob that is attached to the backrest of the office chair.

Dynamic Lumbar Support

The lumbar support is automatically adjustable both in firmness and depth without any knobs.

A cushion is used to provide you with extra comfort while supporting your back.

External Lumbar Support

A cushion is used for these. Depending on our needs, it can be either attached to or detached from the backrest. Additionally, its height can be adjusted.

Lumbar Support in Different Types of Chairs

In Mesh Chairs

It is made up of plastic and could be seen at the backside of the backrest. We can adjust its height.

These are not rigid. They can easily support your back with much ease. You can sit longer as it provides more comfort.

In Gaming Chairs

These are made up of cushions to give you extra support. We can adjust its height. And we can move it left or right as well. They are detachable too.

In Leather and Fabric Chairs

The same material is used for seating and backrests. Lumbar support is built-in.

These lumbar supports are fixed in their position. We cannot adjust its height, depth, and firmness.

In Recliner Chairs

Integrated lumbar support is provided in this chair. Lumbar support of these chairs are not adjustable for either height or depth, but it makes you feel comfortable when you recline on it.

With its comfortable surface and perfectly placed lumbar support, you can relax as long as you want.

In Wingback Chairs

Various types of lumbar support are available in a wingback chair. One is built-in, the other is a separate extra cushion to provide you with more comfort.

Some wingback chairs provide extra fabric at the place of lumbar support.

Wingback chairs are available with different levels of lumbar support, so you can buy the one that meets your needs.

In Swivel Chair

An axis-revolving chair. The seat can turn around the axis. There are various types of chairs, including mesh chairs, office chairs, gaming chairs, and computer chairs.

It comes with different types of lumbar support. In some chairs, lumbar support is built-in. Some provide extra separate cushions. Some chairs provide adjustable height and depth also.

Lumbar support in office chairs becomes crucial because if you are not a back pain patient, your back feels tired because there is a lot of work in offices. So for the comfort of your employees, there are different types of lumbar support for office chairs.

Let’s discuss them individually.

Extreme Comfort Memory Foam

It is designed to comfort your back and prevents you from unhealthy seating.

Its design is made to support and maintain the natural curve of your spine. It prevents you from back fatigue as it provides you more comfort.

Breathable Lumbar Support

It is designed to support your back so that you can sit easily on it. It is intended for summer seasons or for offices where there is no air conditioning and proper ventilation.

Breathable lumbar support not only provides comfort to your back but also prevents sweating from your back.

Because it has tiny pores, and air can pass through these pores and helps you avoid sweating from your back.

Ultimate Cooling Lumbar Support

While keeping your back aligned, the 100 percent orthopedic memory foam pillow relieves pressure on your seat. Cooling gel is used in the cushion to maintain its coolness longer.


Last but not least, I recommend purchasing a chair with lumbar support for more comfort.

The lumbar support these chairs offer comes in different styles. Purchases can be made based on your need and requirement.

If you have any questions or concerns about lumbar support, we are always available to help.