What To Look For In An Office Chair!

Do you know what to look for in an office chair? 

There are a lot of different factors that go into picking the perfect one for your needs.

You might not think it’s such a big deal, but choosing the wrong chair could be detrimental to your back and overall health.

A good office chair should make your job easier, be easy on your back, and not adversely affect your health.

Here are some features or characteristics to look for when buying an office chair:

Chair Height

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Your office chair should be the right height for your desk. If it’s too high, you’ll find yourself slouching to reach your keyboard or writing on paper, which causes back pain and other problems over time.

On the other hand, if the chair is too low, you might end up with neck strain from looking down constantly and even develop back problems from leaning forward.

The right height for your chair will depend on the size of your desk and what you do at work, but generally speaking, it should be about 18 inches above the ground or floor.

This is a good starting point to help get an idea of where to look when shopping around, so you don’t need to adjust your chair every time you switch between sitting and standing.

Your office chair should also have casters or wheels that roll easily on the ground, allowing you to move around with ease when needed.

You might need to make quick changes in position throughout the day while working at home, which is why it’s important for any good office chairs to be easy to adjust.

The right caster wheels for your chair will depend on the type and size of your flooring at home or work, but it should be no problem finding a set that works with any surface, so you don’t have to worry about not being able to move around when needed.

You can choose from different types of casters depending on your preferences.


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Your office chair should have armrests that are adjustable to fit your needs. Armrests might seem like a superfluous feature, but they’re actually very important for comfort and safety purposes when working at the computer all day long.

Without armrests, you’ll find yourself pushing forward on your desk or leaning into your keyboard more than is necessary, which can lead to neck and back pain over time.

It’s important that your chair has adjustable armrests for maximum comfort while doing work at home or in the office.

Your arms should rest naturally on the armrests without causing any stress on your wrists or shoulders when typing or writing stuff down by hand.

You should be sure that the armrests are high enough to support your elbows but not so high that they cause discomfort underneath them.

If you’re taller than average or have longer arms for whatever reason, adjustable height armrests can be useful in making up for any differences between people.

You can also adjust the width of your chair’s armrests depending on what feels most comfortable and allows you to stay relaxed while working.

While some armrests come with cushions, it’s best for them not to be too soft or thick since they can make typing uncomfortable over time.

It also helps if the armrests are padded on top of being adjustable so that you can find a good position for your elbows and forearms.

You might also want to consider getting pads for your chair’s armrests, which helps keep them from wearing out over time with regular use.

It can be a good idea to get armrests that are covered in leather or fabric instead of mesh since they’re easier to clean and more comfortable when you rest your arms on them.

Some armrests are even adjustable to the width of your arms, which can be a useful feature for anyone with wider shoulders or longer arms than average.

Make sure that you don’t get armrests on your chair if they won’t fit under your desk since this could cause problems while working in close quarters.

The armrests should make you feel comfortable while working for long periods of time during the day, which is why it’s important to look at how adjustable they are and what type of material they’re made out of.

You might even want to get an armrest pad if your chair doesn’t come with one already included or available as a separate option.

Seat Width

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The seat of your office chair should also be adjustable depending on what is most comfortable for you.

A good seat allows you to adjust the height so that it fits with any desk or work area, but this isn’t always possible if they won’t fit underneath easily.

Some chairs have an “L” shape designed into them where one leg can be moved to adjust the seat height.

This is a good way of seeing whether or not your chair will be comfortable for you before buying it, but keep in mind that adjustable seats tend to cost more than standard chairs.

You should also make sure that the width of your office chair’s seat allows you enough leg room while sitting at your desk or work area.

The seat should be wide enough for your legs to fit without touching the sides of it, but not so big that it feels like you’re sliding off or around in circles while sitting down.

You should be sure that the chair’s seat is made with a thick cushion and comfortable padding underneath before buying it since this can affect how long you’re able to sit in it.

Leather or fabric is usually more comfortable than mesh, although this depends on your preferences and the area where you’ll be sitting.

You should make sure that any office chair you buy has enough back support to not feel like too much of a recliner while working all day long at your desk.

This should be adjustable so you can find the right position for your back while sitting, which is why it’s helpful to look at what type of material and padding are used in it.

Most office chairs also come with lumbar support built into them since this has been shown to help maintain a healthy posture throughout your day when working at a desk.

This makes it easier to sit up straight and can help prevent back pain throughout the day, which is why you should always look for one with this feature included.

Backrest Type

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The backrest of your office chair is also important since it can affect how comfortable you are while sitting for long periods.

If the seat isn’t wide enough, you might want to consider getting a mesh or padded back so that your back doesn’t touch any hard surfaces underneath.

Some chairs come with adjustable back support as well as a headrest that can be adjusted up or down, which is a useful feature for anyone who works in an office where they need to lean forward at their desk.

This prevents you from leaning too far forward while working on your computer all day long and causing back pain since the lumbar support will help maintain good posture throughout the day.

You should also look at the material of your backrest and be sure that it has enough padding to support you properly.

If not, then a simple pillow or back cushion can help fill in any gaps while sitting all day long – make sure that this won’t slip around underneath you when moving too much during work hours.

The most factor to look for when searching for the perfect office chair is how adjustable it is and whether or not you’ll be able to find a comfortable position while sitting in it.

You also want something that will support your entire body, including your back and arms, so that you’re not reaching too far forward for anything throughout the day.

Swivel/Tilt Functionality

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You should be sure that any office chair you buy has a swivel and tilt function in it since this will help you find the most comfortable position for your back when working at a desk or computer.

The more adjustable features there are, the better off you’ll be sitting in one place all day long.

If being able to recline the backrest of your office chair is important to you, then this should also be adjustable so that you can find just the right angle for your body while sitting.

The best chairs come with a swivel and tilt function and reclining capabilities to help support any position throughout the day.

Swivels are also a good feature to look for in an office chair since they can help you move around and get up easily without too much trouble.

It’s also helpful if the backrest of your chair comes with these features instead of having to turn it from side to side, which is another reason why swivel chairs are perfect for any job or work environment.

Lumbar Support

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The chair should have an adjustable and back-friendly lumbar support that is built into the chair.

The lumbar support helps you maintain proper posture throughout your day and prevent back pain since you can sit up straight at all times, which can be difficult if you aren’t sitting in an office chair with this included feature.

Most chairs come with lumbar support, but some of them are more comfortable than others, so it’s important to look for something that feels good on the back.

This is especially true if you feel like your chair doesn’t have enough support since this is one of the most common complaints about office chairs in general – everyone wants their lumbar supported properly!

When searching for the perfect office chair is how adjustable it is and whether or not you’ll be able to find an ergonomic position while sitting in it.

You also want something that will support your entire body, including your back and arms, so that you’re not reaching too far forward for anything throughout the day.

One thing to look at when shopping around for an office chair is how adjustable everything is.

If you’re able to find a chair that can swivel, tilt back/forth, and recline, then you’ll be wondering how much more comfortable it is since the level of adjustability will help support your entire body.


How do I pick a good work chair?

When purchasing a chair, keep in mind the height of the desk you’ll be sitting at. The height of your desk should be determined by the distance between your eyes and the bottom of your monitor.

The most common height is 720mm, but some monitors may be higher or lower. Your chair’s height should reflect the desk you’re purchasing it for.

What is the best way to pick out a computer chair?

Before purchasing the chair, sit down in it to see if the width and depth of the chair are suitable for you.

Choose a chair with the appropriate weight limit for your body type since each one has a specific maximum load.

Is it worth buying an office chair with or without arms?

First, we should employ armrests since they help support our upper limbs and relieve strain on our lower back when we’re sitting.

The second is that armrests should be avoided because they create risk factors such as shoulder shrugging, forearm contact stress, and leaning postures.

Is it necessary for the chair to fit under the desk?

A good-quality office chair will usually have a mechanism to adjust the seat height. (All ergonomic chairs include this feature.) Your elbows will be below your workstation surface if your seat is too low.

You will be stretching to reach for your workstation, phone, and computer. From leaning on the desk or overreaching, this may lead to problems such as shoulder discomfort and carpal tunnel syndrome.